Jordan Helton / MNS

James Betz (left) and Robert Hawthorne married in front of the Moultrie Courthouse Tuesday morning.

Washington equal marriage law a celebration for all

by Jordan Helton

The first day for gay couples to exchange vows was met with wedding ceremonies across the city, and even celebrations among those not marrying.


Michelle Obama presents her inaugural gown to Smithsonian’s First Ladies Collection

by Ashley Lau

The first lady adds her famous white chiffon gown to the ranks of other famous dresses at the National Museum of American History — those already in the collection include gowns worn by Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Taft.

Most companies flunk test for healthy food marketing to children, study says

by Ali Pechman

The Center for Science in the Public Interest called for entertainment and food companies to stop marketing unhealthy food to children in order to prevent childhood obesity.


Michelle Obama hosts soccer clinic to get children moving

by Ali Pechman

Michelle Obama joined the U.S. Soccer Foundation at a free youth clinic in Washington, DC to promote her campaign against childhood obesity

The color barrier to health care: Panel discusses racial disparities in cancer detection and treatment

by Samantha Michaels

Regardless of insurance status, black women are about two times more likely than white women to be diagnosed with late stages of breast cancer, according to statistics released Friday by the American Cancer Society

Romney: Under Obama administration, Americans on course to becoming part of 'Worst Generation'

by Katie Glueck

MittRomney promoted his new book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness,” at  the National Press Club Friday, outlining the challenges he believes are confronting Americans.


Panelists say commitment is the best way to move Haiti forward

by Deborah Kim

Panel members discuss the statistics of Haiti pre- and post-earthquake, agreeing that the only way progress will be made is if people commit to their promises of aid.

Can urban college students grow all their own food?

by Ali Pechman

The answer is probably not -- but Washington-area college students who want to push sustainable food are making small waves in a city far behind on healthy eating.


To be economic bellwethers, small-business owners call for greater access to loans

by Ashley Lau

As Congress calls on small businesses to be the bellwethers of a rejuvenated American economy, local store owners say they will first need greater access to capital and availability of loans.

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Breaking down the blogosphere: a look at the world of political blogging

by Katie Glueck

In the last few years, the "political blogosphere" has exploded, turning into a platform for voices across the spectrum.

Success is mixed a year after Recovery Act’s generous weatherization outlays

by Andrew Kaspar

Weatherization is promoted as an energy saver and green job creator, but across the nation – and particularly here in Washington – at least one supposedly “shovel ready” program has struggled to gain traction.

Harvard students lobby for divestment from Iran

by Jason Seher

A group of Harvard law students led by Alex Chester lobbied around Capitol Hill recently, trying to persuade Harvard alumni in Congress to sign a letter asking their alma mater to divest from companies in Iran.

Cupcake trend moves into the tour business

by Deborah Kim

The growing popularity of cupcakes has inspired people to incorporate the sweet snack into other projects, including tours and portable storefronts.

New immigration law in Washington has anti-violence groups worried

by Jordan Helton

The new immigration program Secure Communities has local domestic violence prevention advocates concerned about the possible negative effect it could have on crime reporting in immigrant communities.

Cultivating a new generation of farmers

by Amy Cross

As the average age of agriculturists continues to rise, the USDA is setting its sights on college students.

The war within: Overcoming trauma, veterans find strength in meditation and yoga

by Samantha Michaels

One in seven combat veterans sought help for mental illness between 2001 and 2007, and according to VA records, about half of these cases involved post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition is often treated with medication and counseling, but as the number of PTSD cases skyrockets and the military searches for a solution, many veterans are finding strength in yoga and meditation.

Students learn lessons from YouTube

by Deborah Kim

Textbooks are so last year. Today, students are turning to YouTube to understand classroom concepts and study for exams.

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Medill on the Hill Podcast: Week of March 8

by Elizabeth Schiffman

Tune in for previews of upcoming projects from Medill on the Hill reporters.