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VIDEO: Voters split on controversial debate question to Garcia

By Amina Ismail

In last week’s debate, the moderator questioned candidate Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia about how he would deal with violence as his own son was once connected to the Chicago gang scene. The question was met with boos from the audience and Mayor Rahm Emanuel came to his opponents defense noting that the line of questioning was unfair.

The issue of whether the question should have been asked in the first place has Chicagoans split.

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Ward runoff races heat up

By Steven Chambers and Meghan Tribe

UPDATED: This story’s been updated to reflect late-closing polling places.


Residents in the 1st, 41st, 42nd and 46th wards will have an extra hour to cast their ballots in Chicago mayoral runoff election.

A judge of elections granted a petition of the Board of Election asking for voting hours to be extended in certain precincts in Chicago. Polling places in those precincts are directed to remain open and conduct voting until 8 p.m. All voters in line as of 8 p.m. will be permitted to vote.

This could have an effect on the race for alderman in the 46th ward. Alderman James Cappleman is fighting to keep his seat against challenger, Amy Crawford. Issues in the runoff have focused on crime, poverty, affordable housing and economic development. Crawford forced a runoff when she won 37.6 percent of the vote to Cappleman’s 46.7.

Polling stations in 5 wards stayed open until 8 p.m. on Tuesday. (Jasmine Sanborn/Medill)

Despite reported low turnout in the early hours of election day, Chicago voters still have until 7 p.m. in most wards to cast their ballots in the city’s first runoff mayoral election between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

But in 18 wards, residents are also voting for their aldermen in runoffs.

Hours before the polls even opened, 15th ward aldermanic candidate Rafael Yañez cautioned his supporters through his official Facebook and Twitter pages about reports of voter fraud concerning absentee ballots in the ward.

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VIDEO: Coming Out of the Shadows

By Isabella Szabolcs

UIC’S undocumented students say President Obama’s executive actions on deportation relief for DACA and DAPA recipients are not enough. They come out of the shadows to reveal their stories and the barriers to their education.

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VIDEO: Young entrepreneur begins startup despite challenges for millennials

By Andrew Fowler

Wilbur You started his own integrated marketing and development firm at the age of 22 with no investors. The company began in his parents’ basement and now the team at Youtech and Associates, Inc. is looking for even an bigger office space as they continue to expand. According to the Kauffman Foundation’s 2015 State of Entrepreneurship Address, millennials who may want to begin a new business are facing difficult challenges, with the economy still recovering and with many graduating with student loan debt.

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Video: Building community with yoga

By Nikki McGee

I Grow Chicago director Tameka Lawson is working to curb violence and provide a safe-haven for Englewood residents. She instructs community yoga classes at Peace House, which also offers art and gardening activities. Peace House is finally able to open its doors after nearly eight months of construction.

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Voices from the voters: the issues of the election

On election day, it’s all about the voters. Medill reporters took to the streets to gauge poll turnout, find out who’s changed their votes, and see how campaign advertising has impacted Chicagoans.

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VIDEO: The evolution of the Chicago runoff

By Andrew Fowler

Even though Chicagoans have never experienced a mayoral runoff, they are no strangers to aldermanic runoff elections.

Medill Report’s Andrew Fowler has more.

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VIDEO: Cody Riggs makes a difference on and off the field.

By Lukas Voss

Getting to the NFL has always been hard. Players work all of their lives to achieve that one dream, to play professional football. For some, the dream means sacrificing their education. While playing NCAA football, student athletes often have a hard time balancing meaningful academics with their high profile athletic careers. Their classroom schedule is often driven by what fits into a two-a-day practice schedule. Cody Riggs faced the same decision during his last year at the University of Florida and he made a different choice. Continue reading

Mayoral candidates chase votes ahead of polls closing

By Christina Bucciere

Chicago’s runoff mayoral contenders hit the campaign trail for the last time early Tuesday morning to garner last-minute support.

They each shared confident thumbs up and generic good-natured banter with voters and media as they both predicted victory.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, the top two contenders after each candidate failed to win a majority of the vote in February.

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VIDEO: Millennials prioritize mortgage over marriage

By Beth Lawrence

“First comes love. Then comes marriage.” But for many young adults, that old saying may no longer be true. What comes after love might be a house.

A new study by the financial brokerage firm Redfin shows that 38 percent of millennials – the generation born between 1980 and 2000 — would put off marriage or a honeymoon in order to finance a mortgage.

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