VIDEO: The Art of Kendo

By Yining Zhou

Kendo is Japanese sword fighting. It requires not only physical strength but also mental stillness. John Condon is a four-dan kendoka and the president of Chicago Kendo Dojo. His organization offers Chicagoans a place to learn about kendo and practice.

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Blackhawks pride around every corner

Chicago has unabashedly become a Blackhawks town, with the colors red and black, logos, gear, helmets,  banners and flags around just about every corner. A few of the sightings this week along the North Michigan Avenue corridor. Click on photo to open up a full-screen gallery. (Scott Guthrie/Medill)


Photo at top: In what has become a tradition, the iconic lions that greet visitors to the Art Institute sport Blackhawks helmets for the Stanley Cup Final.  (Scott Guthrie/Medill)

Ricketts v. Rooftops: A breakdown of Wrigley rooftop ownership

By Hannah Beery

In the six years since the Ricketts family acquired 95 percent of the Cubs and Wrigley Field, the battle for surrounding outfield rooftop ownership has rarely ceased and the turmoil continues.

One rooftop owner was indicted in March for underreporting attendance and revenue figures to state and local taxing authorities, as well as submitting false attendance figures to the Cubs. The federal case is expected to go to trial in the beginning of 2016. Continue reading

Lyons capture second water polo state title in four years

By Sam Fiske

A full day of celebration was cut short for Stevenson High School Saturday night as the boy’s water polo team failed to complete a state championship sweep against Lyons Township High School.

Instead, it was the scene of Lions’ chants roaring from the stands and a frustrated Stevenson assistant coach ripping down a blue and gold flag waved in the face of the Patriots’ bench.

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Honda knocks ‘Sox’ off Chicago for 30 years as South Side announcer

By Hannah Beery

Thirty years ago, Eugene “Gene” Honda walked through the gates at Comiskey Park in hopes of a job with the South Side baseball team. At the stadium’s second-level offices, Honda watched as a security official glanced at him, then turned to a colleague and whispered, “You’re not going to believe what the new [public address] announcer looks like.”

Honda smiled and then proceeded to make his way through the White Sox front office, where every person lifted their head above their cubicles to get a glance at the new Japanese-American PA announcer, he recalled. Continue reading

VIDEO: Wallabies to run on Soldier Field

By Brian MacIver

Justin Biggs remembers the All Blacks November visit to Chicago.

“Euphoria. Everyone knew this was the first time in a very long time that this had happened. It was just a buzzing. Everyone singing, dancing, having a few drinks. Just having a genuinely good time.”

The Australian consulate employee will get to chance to cheer on his home country’s rugby team as the Australian Wallabies, one of the world’s best rugby clubs, will come to Soldier Field on Sept. 5 to play the USA Eagles.

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Expert shares the benefits of rock-climbing

By Carmen Lopez

Rock climbing is gaining traction in Chicago with the addition of the Malkin-Sacks Rock Climbing Walls at Maggie Daley Park. Keith Geraghty, 38, is the director of climbing programming at the Chicago Athletic Clubs has been scaling walls for 15 years. Geraghty discusses how those who participate in the sport reap the benefits.

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VIDEO: MMA hits its stride in Chicago and the U.S.

By Brian MacIver

The spinning backfist connected and the crowd jumped. His opponent was dazed. The soon-to-be-victor continued the onslaught. He threw wide, powerful hooks at his opponent’s head as he backed him into the cage.

The final seconds ticked away, the cheering grew louder and it was clear what these 100 or so people were here for: blood, bruises and beatings.

The fact that a small-time promotion company like the International Fighting Organization, or IFO, could attract 100 people at $30 per ticket to its debut Mixed Martial Arts show earlier this month in Irving Park, was a testament to the growing popularity of mixed martial arts.

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Fans celebrate win after longest game in Blackhawks history

By Scott Guthrie and Sam Fiske

Fans who stayed up to watch the Blackhawks’ thrilling triple-overtime playoff win over Anaheim, might have had to start their Wednesday morning workday with a triple espresso.

When the final horn sounded at 1:15 a.m. Chicago time, the
Blackhawks had defeated the Ducks 3-2 in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals, the longest game in Blackhawks’ history.

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VIDEO: Trapeze school offers Chicagoans chance to fly

by Lukas J. Voss

If you ever wanted to fly, trapeze is probably the closest experience you can get: swinging from a 23-foot platform performing jumps, swings and flying dismounts. Afraid of flying? No problem. The Trapeze School New York Chicago has been teaching students how to handle the trapeze for the past 15 years.

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