Running in Pain? No Gain: Marathoners should watch for these signs

By Colette House

Early morning runs. Extend the distance, monitor nutrition for optimal performance and making running the single-pointed focus of an exercise routine.

That’s just par for the course in the months prior to the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Now race day is almost upon us. Despite the grueling training, approximately 45,000 people plan to run in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.

Michael Brandson, personal trainer and educator at the NCH Wellness Center in Arlington Heights, said choosing to run a marathon for the right reasons is an important component of training.  Continue reading

Series of medical emergencies not enough to tackle Northwestern football player


In January, Northwestern offensive lineman Matt Frazier had surgery on his right ankle.

In February, he had surgery on his left ankle.

Three days later, he had emergency spine surgery.

Then he tore his pectoral muscle.

Then he contracted a staph infection in his pelvis. The infection turned septic into his bloodstream, and he spent 10 days in the hospital, the first three or so in intensive care.

Staph infection
A medical illustration of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that causes staph infections. (CDC)

Yet there he was last Saturday, inspiring his teammates with a pre-game speech that helped his Wildcats defeat Minnesota in the team’s conference opener. He played sparingly, but is expected to be on the field once again this weekend when Northwestern takes on No. 18 Michigan.
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Goats, black cats & Bartman: Coming to terms with Cubs’ Curses

By Shane Monaghan

For Grant DePorter, the signs clearly show the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series this year.

For Sam Sianis, it’s not about the signs. It’s about making sure he can bring a billy goat to the playoffs and end the bad karma started by his uncle 70 years ago.

Two of the leading perpetuators of the curses on the Cubs want the team to reach their first World Series since 1945 and then win their first championship since 1908. The first step starts tonight, when the Cubs take on the Pirates in the National League wild-card game in Pittsburgh.

Cubs history is littered with cursed moments. From William Sianis admonishing the team for kicking him and his billy goat out of Wrigley Field during the 1945 World Series, to a black cat running in front of the Cubs’ dugout and signaling a monumental regular-season collapse in 1969, to Leon Durham botching a ground ball in the 1984 playoffs, to Steve Bartman reaching for a ball during the 2003 postseason, Cubs fans have wondered whether there was some type of weird voodoo involved.  Continue reading

Wrigleyville businesses boom during Cubs’ successful summer

By Alex Valentine

As the Cubs eye their one-game wild-card playoff against the Pittsburgh Pirates Wednesday night, businesses in and around Wrigleyville are preparing for a potential postseason run on the North Side.

Wrigley Field beer vendor sales have increased in line with the Cubs’ wins this year, according to long-time vendor Nicolas Zimmerman.

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Fitzgerald: Expect ‘hard-fought battle’ in Saturday’s Big Ten opener

By Jordan Ray

The past three football games between the Northwestern Wildcats and Minnesota Golden Gophers have been tight, defensive struggles, and Wildcats coach Pat Fitzgerald said to expect more of the same this weekend. Continue reading

Teenager killed, but legacy lives on through foundation (VIDEO)

By Angela G. Barnes

The city of Evanston lost an inspiring leader, basketball star and trailblazer whose life was taken in what the Evanston Police Department has called a case of mistaken identity. What could have been the highlight of a young man’s life has instead become the highlight of his death.

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Medill midday news bite 8/12

By John Rosin

Animal shelters in Chicago hold a “clear the shelter” event this weekend, putting cats, dogs and guinea pigs up for adoption at no cost.

Michael Jordan sues a grocery store owner for using his name in a 2009 advertisement.

Mayor Emanuel paints with youth as part of a job initiative.

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VIDEO: From the streets to the cage: The tale of the Assyrian Nightmare

By Brian MacIver

Ankeedo Shamoun has waited long enough.

“We’re going pro after this fight and we’re going to make a statement in the pro community, that’s for sure,” he said. “I’m not looking past this guy, but I’m looking through him. He’s just another stepping stone for me.”

The 28-year-old Chicago native is ready to take the next step in his Mixed Martial Arts career.

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VIDEO: Women in Sports

By Lukas J. Voss

Women have increasingly been part of the sports world. Professional sports, college athletics and the media. All fields in which women have made long strides during the last decade. But there is plenty of room for improvement and it didn’t always come easy.

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VIDEO: Men prone to eating disorders too


Ryan DeBlock, a former wrestler lost 25 pounds one year and nearly starved himself to death.  As a survivor of an eating disorder,  he speaks out about his experience that started during wrestling in high school. Although it was many years ago, he still faces difficulty dealing with old habits, like drinking enough water. As a wrestler he was trained to dehydrate his body to drop weight classes in just a matter of weeks.
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