VIDEO: Cheating In Sports – A Learned Behavior

By Joe Musso

Since the inception of organized competition cheating and sports have been inseparable.  Competitors are under the immense pressure of being the greatest version of themselves at all times, and in certain instances that weight can become too much.  In the recent past we have seen examples of point shaving, performance enhancing drug use, general rule breaking and other types of foul play, but what perpetuates the unbreakable trend of cheating in sports?

Joe Musso sits down with renowned sports psychologist Dr. Michele Kerulis to examine the deeply rooted motivating factors of cheating in young athletes.

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Evanston baseball’s arms are set to build on Historic 2014

By Tim Penman

As junior pitcher Dylan Mulvihill worked out his arm on the sidelines of practice, he smiled at several Evanston teammates teasing him while flexing their muscles like Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

The hard throwing righty, along with right-handed senior Russell Snapp, leads an impressive Wildkit starting rotation that aims to guide the team one step further than last year’s 4A supersectional berth and into the four-team state tournament.

“[In the postseason] I learned that pitching carries the team,” Mulvihill said. “We are a good one-two punch.”

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VIDEO: Dodgeball a win for LGBT community

By Avinash Chak

The Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association forms an integral part of the LGBT community in the city. Founded as the Gay Athletic Association in 1978, it is the largest non-profit gay and lesbian sports organization in the Midwest. CMSA has experienced back-to-back growth for the first time in years. It’s membership increased by 4% in 2014. Teams of members compete against each other in sports such as dodgeball.

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VIDEO: The coach

By Mathias Meier

In a neighborhood widely portrayed as a hub for drug trafficking and street violence, one coach is making a difference.

Mathias Meier takes us to Little Village and the basement of a community church where boxing and dreams collide.

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‘Purple Pricing’ Winning For Northwestern Athletics

By Bennet Hayes

Your football team has won a single bowl game since 1948. Your men’s basketball program has never been to the NCAA Tournament. Now go sell some tickets, university athletic department.

Neither of Northwestern’s major-revenue athletic programs can claim much in the way of postseason history, but that hasn’t stopped its ticket office from finding success.

Northwestern’s athletic department unveiled “Purple Pricing” during the 2012-13 men’s basketball season. The ticketing method, a variable pricing strategy best described as a “modified Dutch auction” system, is now being used as a mechanism to drive ticket revenue for other university athletic departments. Continue reading

OPINION: Sharp rumors hurt everyone involved

By Ryan Lund

Patrick Sharp is a hard man to dislike.

With a winning smile unblemished by a 13-year NHL career that landed the high-scoring winger on the cover of Chicago Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans” issue in 2011, Sharp is an instantly recognizable face on a team that seems to deal almost exclusively in recognizable faces.

But despite his very public face, the quick-wristed 33-year-old has managed to keep a relatively low profile.

There have been no bar fights, court dates or social media tirades; no Twitter-backed embarrassment campaigns linking Sharp to domestic violence or drugs, just a clean slate of productive play.

Sharp has netted fewer than 20 goals just once since 2007.

By all accounts, Patrick Sharp is a man that you want to have on your team.

Well, nearly all accounts.

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Chris Borland’s Early Retirement Raises Questions About Football’s Future

By Bennet Hayes

The Monday retirement of Chris Borland, 24 years young and poised for a successful and lucrative NFL career, has sparked serious concern that on-field safety issues may turn young players away from football.

Dave Jacobs, the VP of Health and Safety for Chicagoland Youth Football League, said Borland’s decision is likely to increase already prevalent concerns about the safety of football, particularly among parents contemplating their children’s participation in the sport.

“For lack of better words, we’re under attack,” Jacobs said. “The game is as safe as it’s ever been, but I think we now have the biggest challenge yet to make sure kids still enjoy the sport and are coming out to play it.” Continue reading

Jake Chelios seeks to make a name for himself with Wolves

By Sara Romano

In a lot of ways, the Wolves defenseman is just like other minor-league hockey players. He dreams of making the NHL. He struggles for playing time and tries to make the most of his opportunities. He talks to his dad after each game.

But there is one big difference.

His dad is NHL Hall of Famer Chris Chelios.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter: Badminton Duo Thriving in Evanston

By Tim Penman

Young players can face a multitude of issues when they compete on a team in which their parent is coach, everything from higher expectations to unclear definitions of roles.

Luckily for the Evanston High School badminton team, the dynamic between coach Karilyn Joyce and her daughter Keegan hasn’t been a distraction, they say.

The Wildkits are preparing for their season opener Monday against West Aurora, and are coming off one of their best years in school history, qualifying five players, including Joyce, for the 2014 state tournament.

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queshin’ n’ Anser w/ King of Strong taeks, PFT Commenter

By Bennet Hayes

Odell Beckham Jr. wasnt the nFL’s only Break-out star in 2014: at lease knot on the twitter’s world.

As you just saw in the headline and first paragrah, grammatical and spelling errors can make for a choppy read. But in the case of one NFL satirist, there is plenty of material worth reading hiding behind the dropped commas and uncapitalized proper nouns.

The witty, occasionally irreverent and ALWAYS misspelled satire of PFT Commenter (@PFTCommenter) earned him more followers with every passing Sunday last fall. The identity of the man behind the Twitter handle remains a mystery, but for many fans, the SB Nation guest contributor has become a trusted voice on everything NFL. Continue reading