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Rian Ervin/MEDILL

The Science of the Cocktail Party is just one of the Illinois Science Council's fun and engaging science and technology events for adults in the Chicago area.

Learning science as you party

by Rian Ervin
Feb 14, 2012


Rian Ervin/MEDILL

Guests tested a 3D interactive video game at The Science of the Cocktail Party.

How do you party at The Science of the Cocktail Party? Cocktails in beakers, an original piece of graphite used in the first controlled nuclear chain reaction and interactive exhibits were all part of the fun at the Illinois Science Council's first fundraising event.

The Illinois Science Council is a nonprofit organization that focuses on adult outreach in science and technology. They host fun, engaging events that incorporate learning activities, demonstrations and lectures for the Chicago community.

Saturday’s fundraiser revved into full gear at the Green Learning Center at Dirtt Environmental Solutions in Chicago. Guests explored mock hospital and healthcare spaces, played 3D games, drew on large computer screens and learned a variety of scientific facts displayed around the center.

And that first controlled nuclear chain reaction was achieved by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago in 1942.