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Online writers reinterpret the word of God

by Elizabeth Gibson
July 31, 2007


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By the numbers

Bible stories on

Total: 2,273

Breakdown (the same story can be sorted into more than one category):

     830 poetry

     623 spiritual

     239 drama

     188 angst

     147 humor

     120 romance

     83 supernatural

     79 tragedy

     75 parody

     44 adventure

     30 horror

     22 fantasy

     19 science fiction

     15 mystery

     8 suspense

     6 hurt/comfort

     4 family

     3 friendship

     0 westerns

Stories with more than 10,000 words: four

Longest: “Let’s Go to Hell” by James Raio at 58,889 words

Most popular genre: poetry

Related categories:

     Jesus Christ Super Star

     C.S. Lewis

In the name of God: excerpts from

Title: Dear God
Author: Crybaby
Reviews: 53
Summary: The writer ponders life and God.
From the author: “my questions to God…be nice, my first poem here…”
Dear God, I ask,
Why is life this way?
Where hate and fear and suicide,
Are parts of every day,
Why can’t I follow all of your rules,
Why can’t we learn of your love in schools?
When Dear God, will life be true,

King Edmund’s Crusade
Author:  Morohtar
Reviews: 23
Summary: An adult addition to the Chronicles of Narnia.
From the Author: “I try to have everything based on the theological truth.”
“I didn’t mean to offend, I just . . . I’m sorry.” She turned her attention to her dinner.
“You didn’t,” assured Michael, “I’m sorry you never found Aslan. I’m sorrier you gave up looking.” He seemed to come to a decision. “No matter. You enjoyed the stories when you read them.” She lifted her eyes to his and nodded. “And you loved Aslan while he was there."

Title: Why God made sodomy a sin
Author: Isablla Fairfield
Reviews: 63
Summary: The story, by a self-described pagan, is a diologue between God and Satan, in which Satan leaves heaven like he’s breaking up with a lover.
From the author: “it’s merely an idea I had, but I believe it would be rather offensive to a Christian (I'm preying [sic] my friend Diana never sees this).”
Beloved, love, come back to me…beautiful one…
“Liar, you prick, disgusting. You dictator. Never.”
You can return you know, rejuvenated, illuminated.
“You and your fancy script. Bugger off.”
Such language.
“Don’t you consider lust a sin?”

Title: Vitiate
Author: xtreme17nc13
Reviews: 2
Summary: In a fit of jealousy, Cain rapes Abel in a graphic sex scene.
From the author: “This idea hit me out of nowhere and I was very iffy about writing it. But sometimes, you just have to write what you have in your head.”
Abel stalked closer to Cain and spoke in a low voice, "It is not my fault that he prefers me over you. I cannot change his opinion of me."
Cain's lip quivered and his eyes narrowed, "You can and you will."
Abel tilted his chin in defiance, "I will not."
The older male lunged and tackled his brother to the moist ground.

Title: Things to come
Author: Padfoot Reincarnated
Reviews: 35
Summary: Jonathan meets David and falls in love.
From the author: “Wow. This story is, um, a slight [bit] more controversial than I expected. Alright. Guys, it's just a story. It truly is.”
Saul looked at him with narrowed eyes. “And where is your dear friend this morning?” he asked with an acid tinged voice.
Jonathan raised his eyebrows in feigned ignorance. “You mean David?” he replied calmly. “I'm not sure. With Michal, I suppose, as she is his wife.”
Saul chuckled as though Jonathan had told a good joke. “You know very well I mean David,” he said. “You are never without him; he spends more time with you than with Michal.”
Jonathan simply went back to eating, dipping a piece of bread in olive oil. “I suppose you'll have to ask her,” he said, a note of finality in his voice.

Title: The Book of Yahweh
Author: DivineQueenYeiweh
Reviews: 49
A magical book transports a priestess named Yeihweh to a place where she meets Yahweh.
“I bet this guy is wondering what the hell am I doing here….”
She then asked:
“Um…who are you?”
“I am Yahweh God, and I believe you have my book….”

Title: Drifting
Author: Everhope
Reviews: 18
Summary: The story of a time when Christians are a persecuted minority.
She realised that history was almost repeating itself. In Moses' time the nation was turning against God. In Romans11 it spoke about how Christians were a minority, yet how in those times of hardship for being a follower of Christ they were still loyal. That was all so true now.

Title: Angel Story
Author: Moonygirl
Reviews: 10
Summary: A girl and her guardian angel battle Satan.
From the Author: “So you tell me what you want, and I'll set to writing it. Ok?
Love you to write.”
Another day, another battle. I’m reminded of which side I’m supposed to be on, as my guardian angel deflects yet another of Satan’s fiery masses as it’s hurled towards me with incredible heat and force. I’ve been told I’m an innocent to be protected, though even now I question how that could ever be true.


Know your sexual content warnings

Don’t want to wind up accidentally reading a story about Jesus and Satan making love? Here’s a guide to warnings that often appear in fanfiction summaries.

Slash – same-sex relationships, named for the slash put between names to imply a romantic pairing. Ex: Satan/Jesus
M/M – male on male
M&M – male friendship
M/F – male on female
F/F – female on female
FemSlash – F/F
BDSM – bondage, domination and sado-masochism
Exhib – exhibitionist
Het – heterosexual
Inc – incest
Lemon – explicit sex
Lime – mild sex
Citrus – contains sex
Minor – underage sex
MPREG – male pregnancy
N/C – non-consensual sex
NC-17 – no children under 17
NWS – not work safe
Pre-slash – explores the beginnings of a possible gay relationship
PWP -- Plot? What plot? Or Porn without Plot
Yaoi – stories with erotic homosexual sex; reverse the spelling and in Japanese it’s an acronym for “no climax, no punch line, no meaning"
Yuri – female equivalent of yaoi

From spiritual poetry to novel-length religious metaphors to action stories about Jesus to X-rated gay affairs between God and mortals, fanfiction has hit the Bible.

Fanfictions, or fanfics, are stories written by fans using their favorite premises and characters from comics, movies, television and books. Fans post their stories, most under pseudonyms, on blogs and archive sites such as and

“I guess I never really thought of the Bible as a text that would be appropriated,” said Kristen Schilt, a Rice University scholar who will join the University of Chicago’s sociology faculty in 2008.

“But on my second consideration it seemed to line up with what’s already out there. The appeal of fantasy fanfiction is re-imagining the world and turning things on their heads.”

Fanfiction buffs and community leaders say Bible fanfiction, particularly smutty gay sex stories, aren’t likely to become mainstream, but it’s a curious subculture. The majority of stories aren’t risqué and writers say the stories are mostly a personal creative and spiritual outlet. has 2,273 stories in its Bible category compared to about 309,200 fanfics about Harry Potter. Poetry is the most popular genre in the Bible category, with 830 fanfics., a hub for NC-17 fanfics, has 11 Bible entries.

Most Bible stories aren’t risqué, and many fanfiction writers said they find the proliferation of gay as well as incestuous stories frustrating.

Simon Rafe of Hazel Park, Mich., writes novel-length fanfics through Catholic allegories based on C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. His “King Edmund’s Crusade” is 170,033 words long with pages of footnotes and character sketches.

Rafe is Web master for a Catholic evangelical media group in Detroit and is publishing a book about the Bible, but he spends days at a time working through drafts and researching texts like Machivelli’s “The Prince” for new chapters of fanfiction.

“This is a hobby,” he said. “Although it does kind of take over your life. It is a desire to say, ‘Here is a theological view that I have and this is the story I want to say.’”

Rafe said he and other fanfiction buffs post to online forums on which they debate issues such as whether C.S. Lewis’ depiction of salvation is theologically sound. Should a character have been saved even though he had prayed to the wrong being when he was alive?

Others take a personal approach to fanfiction. They write letters to God or ponder the world through lyrical poems.

Not all stories are as sincere. Take, for instance “Mutant Jesus Clones,” in which a bored President George Bush visits the pope and causes general mayhem.

It’s the stories that misquote the Bible, are deliberately mocking or full of hard-core porn using figures from the Bible that have some readers alarmed.

“I can see this as something that would be way more controversial than Star Trek,” Schilt said.

Fanfiction historians said both explicit and PG-rated gay fanfics got their start in the U.S. in the 1960s through stories that speculated on the relationship between the Kirk and Spock characters. The trend has branched out from science fiction to almost all realms of fandom, and the Internet has rocketed public sharing of fanfiction.

In the parlance of fanfic writers, gay relationships are referred to as “slash” because John Doe/Joe Schmoe denotes a couple while John Doe&Joe Schmoe refers to a friendship.

Research has shown that young women are the primary writers and readers of slash fanfiction, although Schilt said she doesn’t know whether anyone has looked specifically at the authors of Bible stories.

Schilt, who said she briefly touched on fanfiction recently while leading a class discussion on gay media, said women tend to write slash out of creative curiosity or to promote tolerance of gays.

“They’re often very sweet love stories, taking strong male friendships like Jesus and the Apostles already present in the texts a step further,” she said.

The only U.S. writer or reader of Bible slash fanfiction who replied to e-mails to user accounts at said in an e-mail that she was a Chicago teenager. She did not say anything else.

The slash fanfiction community tends to be anonymous because of fear about how friends and family would react. Some women struggle with acceptance of gays through fanfics.

“I am a Christian woman who enjoys slash fiction and I don't see anything wrong in that,” a blogger called Marnie wrote. “But it took me much soul searching, prayer, reading the Bible and commentaries and discussion to get to that position.” users from outside the U.S. said they started with slash in other fanfiction genres before trying the Bible. The authors, many of them atheists around the age 18, said they saw the Bible as a resource full of interesting plot potential.

“[Slash] is a fun way to spice up the characters,” user mrwriter1701 aka Claus Holm, 30, a Lutheran from Copenhagen, Denmark, wrote in an e-mail. “It can add a completely fresh angle to a show or story that you are writing for – especially in a world where homosexuality is so looked down upon. Suddenly having Jesus and Peter in a passionate embrace can also be one writer’s way of commenting on how silly the persecution of homosexuals in today’s world is.”

Religious community leaders said they were largely unaware of fanfiction, let alone the X-rated genres.

“They sure got their shock value and their point across,” said Andrew Marin, president of a pro-gay Christian not-for-profit in Chicago. “But I don’t think that will ever shape any opinion because I don’t know any Christians who would even know how to find it.”

The non-explicit gay Bible stories seem like a positive way for gays and heterosexual women to work through real life questions, Marin said. He is the president of the Marin Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit that works to promote a gay Christian community. He said the fanfiction mostly seemed honest and heart-felt, but Marin said the hard-core porn does nothing positive.

“Personal stories are one thing, spiritual fiction and erroneous foolishness is another,” said the Rev. Steve Jones, president of Chicago’s Baptists Pastors Conference. “It’s just garbage. Some folks just don’t know what they’re playing with.”

Parents should censor what their children read – and write – online the same as what they watch on TV, Jones said. He said communities need to push for better labels for potentially objectionable content.

Web surfers can read the stories at without signing or clicking any agreement, but they have to create member logins to post stories. has viewers fill in a form with their birthday and signature to make sure they’re 18, but the site accepts “X” for a signature. As with much of the online world, there’s nothing to keep people from lying about their age.

Before banned stories with NC-17 ratings in 2002, a popup window would ask Web surfers if they were 18. Now users can click a link at the bottom of stories to report inappropriate content.

“It is your obligation to leave areas that are unpoliced, misrated or allow adult content if you are not of the age of consent in your area,” according to the terms of service agreement that new members are supposed to read.

Neither nor list administrator contact information on their Web sites.