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Genetically modified plants offer hope for HIV prevention

Alison W. Bullock & Katherine LaGrave/Medill

How do Chicagoans feel about drugs from genetically altered crops?


Photo courtesy of Paul Christou

Genetically engineered corn is being tested for use in an HIV-preventative gel.

Ages-old plants get a makeover: Corn and tobacco bio-engineered as STI and HIV medicines

by Katherine LaGrave

Scientists around the world have begun developing vaccines and creams from genetically altered crops of corn and tobacco. These microbicide medicines could prevent the transfer of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Successful clinical trial may give women a new way to prevent HIV

by Alison W. Bullock

Tests in South Africa are paving the way for an HIV preventive method called microbicides. The governments in the U.S., the United Kingdom and South Africa funded the research, and regulatory agencies have already made the drug a priority.