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Gangs from the inside


Tiffany Walden/MEDILL

CeaseFire Rogers Park workers meet after an intervention at a nearby church.

Comes with the territory: Gangs market just like businesses

by Tiffany Walden

Chicago gangs function like successful businesses. Their business model includes supplying the neighborhood with the demand for illegal drugs and warding off potential threats to their profits; i.e. other gangs. Ex gang members discuss how gangs compare to legal businesses; including how they expand their turf to maximize profit and how powerful outside gangs, like MS-13, could not penetrate into the competitive Chicago gang market.

Crew Love: 13 boys cross into gangland

by Tiffany Walden

There's a thin line that distinguishes a neighborhood crew from a gang. One ex gang member, who now works for ONE/CeaseFire in Rogers Park, explains how his crew rose from 13 football buddies to a 400-member gang overnight.

The dark knight wears orange for intervention

by Tiffany Walden

An interview in Ceasefire's Rogers Park office ends in gang intervention at a local church. Walk in the shoes of a reporter participating in an intervention between neighborhood gang members and a group of re-entry males.