Chicago’s political scene and opioid crisis

By Gabrielle Phifer and Holly Honderich
Medill Reports

Gabrielle Phifer speaks to community activist Ja’Mal Green who  at 22 years old, is the youngest candidate  running for Chicago mayor. Reporter Holly Honderich examines the opioid epidemic, which took nearly 1,000  Illinois lives in 2016.

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KPMG Women’s PGA Championship; day 2

By Darren Zaslau
Medill Reports

Three U.S. Olympians addressed the media prior to the start of the 2018 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at the Kemper Lakes Golf Club. Darren Zaslau reported from Kildeer, Ill., on June 27th for Medill Reports.

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Chicago woman living her passion for eight decades

Loumay Alesali
Medill Reports

Doris Humphries, 93, has been dancing since childhood. She used to nail bottles caps to the soles of her shoes, so she can hear herself when she tried to do tap routines she saw in movies.

“It is just something I love, and I get into it. I just feel the rhythm and I love to see a person getting the dances and loving the dances,” Humphries said.
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Cherry Bombe Jubilee cultivates community for women changemakers in the food world

By Maia Welbel
Medill Reports

Between sips of Direct Trade coffee and hard kombucha, women at Cherry Bombe Jubilee this April in New York City talked food, business, and how they are making a difference in a male-dominated industry.

The Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference brings together and celebrates women in the food industry. Created by the founders of the indie magazine, Cherry Bombe, the Jubilee turns the tables on the lack of female attendance at the world’s most prestigious food conferences. Founders Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu host the event and curate a lineup of chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, food writers, and more to speak and socialize. Continue reading

Female athletes in non-traditional sports

By Leana Edwards
Medill Reports

Women have been playing sports dating back to the 19th century but more recently, women have been making a name for themselves in male-dominated sports. This episode of Medill Newsmakers highlights women competing in non-traditional sports.

Photo at top: Boxer Michelle Morales tapes her hands before time in the ring. (Leana Edwards/MEDILL)

The Rise of Technology in Sports

By Olivia Reiner and Darren Zaslau
Medill Reports

In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, Olivia Reiner and Darren Zaslau investigate the impacts of sports technology on wearables and artificial intelligence.

Photo at top: Sports technology being used in soccer. (Olivia Reiner/MEDILL)

The pressure for success in Chicago sports

By: Nick Mantas and Aaron Rose
Medill Reports

The Chicago Bears and Bulls haven’t won a championship in this century. ESPN and Sun Times reporters weigh in on the reasons for what has led to their unsuccessful seasons and what next season could bring for both organizations. During  the second segment,  we talk about the challenges of raising a young Chicago basketball star.

PHOTO AT TOP: Chicago Bears practice drills in the off-season. (Nicholas Mantas/MEDILL)

Chicago’s Natural Healer

By Gwen Aviles
Medill Reports

Not too long ago, most “real” doctors would not consider employing natural medicine. In fact, naturopathic procedures were so stigmatized that even Dr. C. Leslie Smith, one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in the Midwest and an acupuncturist with her own practice in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, never foresaw herself practicing it.

Smith was training to become a general surgeon at the University of Illinois College of Medicine when hardship struck. With only one year of school remaining, she developed a repetitive stress injury in her arms, which impeded her ability to operate.

“The more I tried to compensate with my left hand, the more my right hand became inflamed and vice versa,” she says. At one point, her arms became completely immobilized and nothing—not the physical therapy she was completing nor the narcotics and anti-inflammatories she was prescribed—could mollify her acute pain.

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Sparkle on your big day: 2018 Bridal Trends

By Clarissa Jones

It’s wedding season! On the heels of another royal wedding, Medill Newsmakers attended a Bridal Expo and spoke with a dress shop owner and florist to find out what’s in and what’s out.

Photo at top: Bridal Gowns at Honey Bridal. (Clarissa Jones/MEDILL)

Decline of baseball in the african-american community

By Brianna Williams
Medill Reports

The number of African-Americans in the MLB has declined throughout the years, and there are a number of factors to blame. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers Brianna Williams talks to players – past and present- to find out what is behind the trend.

Photo at top: (Ozzie Smith, MLB Player. (Brianna Williams/MEDILL)