Artists track 100 years of Chicago police violence to fight against it

Xiaozhang(Shaw) Wan
Medill Reports

Artworks about 100 years of Chicago police violence are on exhibition “to help people better understand what led to present circumstances,” according to the exhibition brochure.

The exhibition, “Do Not Resist: 100 Years of Chicago Police Violence,” is open through varying February dates, with different works on display at the Hairpin Arts Center, Art in These Times and etc. in Chicago.

“What is important about that is, a lot of times, we see police violence as isolated incidents. This happens and that happens. What we are trying to do is to show that they are all connected,” said Monica Trinidad, an artist and organizer of the exhibit.

Paintings, video clips, audios and three-dimensional pieces at the Hairpin Arts Center provide visitors with a sense of interaction. Teach-ins, workshops, performances and panels also challenge the violence as part of the exhibit.

Photo at top: Visitors are welcome to pick up brochures for the exhibition “Do Not Resist: 100 Years of Chicago Police Violence.”(Xiaozhang(Shaw) Wan/MEDILL)