Fall Election 2016

Iowa moms caucus for gun sense

By Enrica Nicoli Aldini

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Lunch break at Hamburg Inn, an iconic Iowa City diner that’s an obligatory stop for many presidential hopefuls campaigning out here.

We noticed the four women at the table beside ours were sporting t-shirt and pins saying “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” The smell of good quotes almost covered the fragrance of the award-winning burgers that were being served up hot and ready.

“Gun sense is what we’re caucusing for, and that’s why we’re pushing the moms to get out and show up on Monday,” said Rebecca Truszkowski, local chapter leader for Moms Demand Action.

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Christie makes voters curious, not excited

By Morgan Gilbard

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Presidential hopeful Chris Christie drew more uncertain voters than die-hard fans to his town hall forum Friday night. Voters dissatisfied with the Republican frontrunners came to give Christie a look – and left with greater respect for the New Jersey governor.

“I think Donald Trump is a bully,” said Fran Draude, a retired mailman and undecided voter. “The other people are negative. We’re tired of that and they’ve done that for too long. And it’s time for a change.”

Recognizing that he might have voters like Draude in the audience, Christie took advantage of the spotlight with a well-practiced Trump impression.

“I’m gonna make everyone incredibly wealthy,” Christie said in a deep New York accent. “Not as wealthy as me, but incredibly, incredibly wealthy.” Continue reading