Garza pulls ahead but says 10th ward race ‘too close to call’

By Lizz Giordano and Meghan Tribe

Alderman John A. Pope,  a 16 year incumbent of the 10th ward, finds himself in a race too close to call against his opponent and political newcomer Susan Sadlowski Garza.

As of 10 p.m., with 35 out of 36 precincts reporting, only seven votes separated the two candidates and Garza had pulled into the lead. Continue reading

Mayor Rahm Emanuel to serve four more years after winning runoff

By Ellen Kobe

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was elected to a second term on Tuesday after easily defeating challenge Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in an unprecedented mayoral runoff.

“Being the mayor of the city of Chicago is the greatest job I’ve ever had and the greatest job in the world,” Emaunel said during his victory speech at the Chicago Plumber’s Local 130 Union Hall. “I’m humbled at the opportunity to continue to serve you — the greatest city with the greatest people for the next four years.”

He said that he is proud of what the city has accomplished in the past four years and that he has listened to the people of Chicago’s concerns.

“The decisions that we make over the next four years will determine what Chicago will look like in the next 40 years.”

Grace Mager, 16, a sophomore at St. Ignatius High School attended Emanuel’s victory party.

“I’m very pleased with how Rahm did tonight,” she said. “Great job.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls voters at one of the field offices on the South Side. (Thomas Yau/Medill)
Earlier on Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls voters at one of the field offices on the South Side. (Thomas Yau/Medill)

Garcia conceded with just short of three-fourths of the precinct results counted just before 8 p.m. But he had been fairly consistently behind by about 10 percentage points during most of the evening as ballots were counted after polls closed at 7.
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Chicago Elections 2015 – The Runoff

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia were forced into a runoff election after the first election in February, which led to millions of additional dollars raised and spent and extensive debating and campaigning across the city – and the airwaves.

For in-depth coverage, Medill Reports followed the mayoral candidates and spread across the wards for the 18 aldermanic races that were also forced into runoffs.

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VIDEO: Emanuel shows confidence in runoff

By Noor Wazwaz and Thomas Yau

Despite the two-digit lead over Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the latest Chicago Tribune poll, incumbent mayor Rahm Emanuel had a tight schedule on Election Day.

Voters are divided over what the backgrounds of each candidate would bring to Chicago. Continue reading

VIDEO: Local artist adds color to Garcia campaign

By Avinash Chak

Unsolicited images supporting Jesus “Chuy” Garcia began to appear in public places in February from local artists. In reaction, Garcia’s campaign asked Chicagoans to submit Chuy-inspired art for campaign purposes.

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Video: Underdogs, Money, and Making Art: Medill Reports’ Electioncast 2015

In Medill News Service’s Election 2015 video team’s second update, Abigail Hodgson and Kira Boyd tell us about underdogs, campaign spending and how Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has inspired the creative community throughout Chicago.

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Only 28% of registered voters cast ballots by late afternoon on Tuesday

By Anne Arntson and Jia You

Preliminary turnout for the Chicago mayoral election was 28 percent of registered voters as of 4 p.m. on Tuesday, including early voting and absentee ballots that came in through Saturday.

Dick Simpson, a political science professor at University of Illinois at Chicago, and a former alderman, said he believed voter turnout would be higher for the runoff election than February’s election.

“It’s a more focused choice,” Simpson said. “The voters think that the outcome is important for the city.”

Early voting for the runoff election was 50 percent higher than February’s election, in which there were less than 90,000 early votes.
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Campaign advertising seeks to sway minds up to the last minute

By John Rosin

Campaign advertisements unabashedly seek to sway your mind as they glorify candidates, nudge opinions and try to cinch the outcome of an election.

The election between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia marks the first mayoral runoff for Chicago, and the two candidates produced a downpour of different kinds of endorsements that continue through the last hours of the election. Continue reading

VIDEO: Aldermanic candidate Rafael Lopez promises change to 15th Ward

By Isabella Szabolcs

Eighteen of Chicago’s 50 wards have runoff elections for alderman.

The predominately Hispanic 15th ward has two Hispanic candidate’s running for aldermanic positions.  One candidate, Rafael Lopez, is promising to bring needed changes to the ward.

Isabella Szabolcs has more on the story.

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