Chicago’s growing exclusive sneaker market

By Coral Lu and Sean Froelich

Do the words Yeezy Red Octobers, Air Jordan Champagne 6 or Kobe 9 mean anything to you? Well, they mean the world to exclusive shoe collector Kris Loren.

29-year-old Loren owns more than 100 rare sneakers; some costing as much as $6,000. He has invested in buying, trading and bidding on shoes since he got his first pair of exclusive sneakers in high school. But this was just the beginning of what would become a lucrative hobby. Loren kept some of his early purchases for years, and found a receptive market among shoe fans just like him. He believes there is a greater earning potential in the selling of this particular type of rare footwear.

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5 PM Newscast Wednesday July 8th (VIDEO)

Some of this week’s top stories from Medill Reports.

Multiple organizations came together under the umbrella of the “Not One More” campaign aimed to stand up against the deportation of illegal immigrants. Coral Lu spoke with  rally participants in front of where they gathered at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building downtown. Continue reading

OCAD fights against deportation

By  Coral Lu and Sean Froelich

Organized Communities Against Deportations gathered in front of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in downtown to advocate the closure of detention centers and change of immigration policies. The participants, including Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America, were holding posts and chanting to fight for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to treat each human being equally. Several speakers shared their personal experience in detention centers, and they exposed the poor condition they were detained in.

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Fraudulent cards cost CTA millions (VIDEO)

By Lydia Randall and Sara Shouhayib

Fraudulent use of subsidized Chicago Transit Authority cards in the last six months has cost CTA more than six million dollars, but such cases of fraud are on the decline.

CTA began the effort to curtail fraudulent card use last November, when it was revealed that cases of card misuse were frequent at some of the city’s busiest stations.

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Firework accident victim preaches safety (VIDEO)

By Sara Shouhayib

Despite incurring a serious eye injury three years ago from a firework accident, Jameson Lamb, 19, still considers the Fourth of July his favorite holiday. The accident happened at his family’s cottage in Michigan where they traditionally celebrate Independence Day. He no longer sets off fireworks himself, but he is still looking forward to watching the show that his family and friends annually put on. He is now advising that while people enjoy the day with celebrations that they still take caution.

Photo at top: Experts say that the most simple of fireworks like sparklers and bottle rockets can be the most dangerous. (Sara Shouhayib/Medill)

Hundreds protest Illinois state budget cuts (VIDEO)

By Anne Arntson and Angela G. Barnes

Hundreds of people gathered at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago this morning to protest state budget cuts.

July 1 is the first day of the new fiscal year; however, Gov. Bruce Rauner and state lawmakers could not agree on a state budget.

Gov. Rauner said in a June 12 press release that if lawmakers failed to agree on a budget he would suspend funding for social programs, as well as capital projects. Protestors fear that the budget cuts will drastically impact their communities, and want Gov. Rauner and state lawmakers to find new solutions to the budget problem.

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Deadheads swarm the Field Museum (VIDEO)

By Sean Froelich and Coral Lu

Deadheads are what loyal Grateful Dead fans are known as and thousands are expected in Chicago this weekend to see the rock legends play three shows at Soldier Field.  Field Museum organizer, and fellow Deadhead, Megan Williams collaborated with the band and their promoters to bring “Dead” culture to the Field Museum.  

The Band announced this would be their final tour which caused the historically mellow deadheads to express sentiment and excitement.
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Modern Mediumship is Kept Alive by Chicago’s Spiritualist Community

By Elizabeth Elving

Dr. Kenneth James stood behind the pulpit at Church of the Spirit and smiled at the congregation. It was one of the first Sundays of the year to feel like spring and the crowd was sparse; about 40 people had trickled in during the morning meditation. “When you talk to someone about Spiritualism,” James began, “a lot of times they’ll say – ‘Isn’t that all about talking to dead people?’” He paused, letting the crowd chuckle at his remark. He asked what was wrong with that question and the answer came quickly from one of the front pews: it’s impossible to talk to dead people because there is no death.

Spiritualism is based on the concept of a “continuity of life,” in which death is only a transition to another state of being. Spiritualists believe that intuitive people known as Mediums can receive messages from the spirit world and deliver them to people in this one. This idea captivated Americans in the 19th century when the sisters Leah, Kate, and Maggie Fox of Hydesville, New York, traveled the country showcasing their apparent ability to commune with the dead through mysterious knocking sounds. The Fox Sisters were widely discredited in their lifetime, and for most people their legacy is a dim historical footnote. But not everyone believes they were frauds.

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