Expert shares the benefits of rock-climbing

By Carmen Lopez

Rock climbing is gaining traction in Chicago with the addition of the Malkin-Sacks Rock Climbing Walls at Maggie Daley Park. Keith Geraghty, 38, is the director of climbing programming at the Chicago Athletic Clubs has been scaling walls for 15 years. Geraghty discusses how those who participate in the sport reap the benefits.

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Farm slump hits profit at Deere & Co.

By Siyuan Du

Deere & Company reported a 30 percent decrease in second-quarter net income because of a slowdown in the global farm economy, but its stock rose more than 4 percent as the company raised its profit forecast for the full year.

The Moline, Illinois-based agricultural manufacturer earned $690.5 million, or $2.03 per diluted share, for the second quarter ended April 30, compared with $980.7 million, or $2.65 per diluted share in the year-earlier quarter. Continue reading

Kale sheds bum rap on kidney stones

By Angela Barnes

Kale is one of America’s current health food crazes. Studies show the trendy veggie is exceptionally rich in nutrients, antioxidants and other cancer fighting properties.

But now some critics are warning the ubiquitous leafy green super food may pose a risk. Website articles and health gurus are warning that eating too much kale can cause kidney stones. Continue reading

VIDEO: Trendy and swinging: Wicker Park real estate on the rise

By Sean Froelich

Not long ago, Wicker Park on Chicago’s Northwest Side was a bohemian enclave for starving artists. Today, it’s more likely to be associated with the “g” word, gentrification.

After shaking off the effects of the 2008 housing crisis, the area’s real estate market is again on an upswing. Some residents expressed melancholy over the changes that have come with rising real estate values, while others see the changes as progress.

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VIDEO: MMA hits its stride in Chicago and the U.S.

By Brian MacIver

The spinning backfist connected and the crowd jumped. His opponent was dazed. The soon-to-be-victor continued the onslaught. He threw wide, powerful hooks at his opponent’s head as he backed him into the cage.

The final seconds ticked away, the cheering grew louder and it was clear what these 100 or so people were here for: blood, bruises and beatings.

The fact that a small-time promotion company like the International Fighting Organization, or IFO, could attract 100 people at $30 per ticket to its debut Mixed Martial Arts show earlier this month in Irving Park, was a testament to the growing popularity of mixed martial arts.

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VIDEO: Gretta’s Goats ready to deliver cheese

By Sara Shouhayib

Gretta’s Goats Farm held an open house – first ever – in Pecatonica on Saturday to give fans of the soap a chance to learn more about where the product comes from.

A big conversation circling through the open house that day focused on cheese as the farm moves to become a micro dairy.

Gretta Winkelbauer, farmer and owner of Gretta’s Goats, said she plans to start offering cheese next year. Continue reading