Third graders get real about race and guns in school program

By Jasmine Cen With so much on the news about violence and crime in Chicago, it’s difficult to shield young people from hearing about it. But psychologists say parents and teachers should not ignore the issues, and children need to talk about what’s happening in their communities, even at a young age. That’s the spirit […]

Loyola Prof Gets Up Close and Personal With Workplace Podcast

By Yunfei Zhao If being a boss is hard enough, the presence of social media can make it even harder, according to a Loyola University podcast that aims to coach leaders in workplace collaboration and conflict resolution. [vimeo 157460722 w=474] Communication style changes by the influence of advanced technology. Loyola University Chicago’s educator produced podcast […]

Cantonese opera strikes a chord in Chinatown

Performer in the Cantonese Opera

By Vishakha Darbha The Chicago Public Library hosts a Cantonese opera every Wednesday and Saturday, performed by the Zhaoqiu Chinese American ART Center. Opened last August, Chinatown has seen a growth in the number of new institutions, including a Park District Field House. Chicago invested $19 Million in building the library. It is designed by […]

One bullet, two victims: Protesters rally for convicted NYPD officer

By Shanshan Wang Thousands of people, mostly Chinese-Americans, marched in downtown Chicago Saturday, calling justice for former NYPD officer Peter Liang, who was convicted of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a black man in 2014. The protesters chanted along the way, holding national flags, signs and banners with slogans conveying the message that selective justice is not […]

Buna: The Art of Making Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee ceremony cups

By Hannah Gebresilassie and Vishakha Darbha Most college students use coffee to survive long nights and tedious assignments, but in Ethiopia and Eritrea, coffee means much more than that. Ethiopia, globally known as the birthplace of coffee, is famous for “buna,” a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting, grinding and brewing beans while partaking in a […]

Protesters fight for undocumented immigrants

By Nikita Mandhani Chicagoans woke up Tuesday morning to word that demonstrators were blocking traffic on Congress Parkway at LaSalle Street. They were protesting the nation’s deportation policies. Twelve were arrested. Here’s what’s left behind after the protests for undocumented families who are fighting for #Not1More deportation. [vimeo 155726722 w=474] Individuals protest against ICE raids […]

Hema Rajagopalan: A dancer unfurling Indian culture in Chicago (Video)

By Nikita Mandhani Hema Rajagopalan, an acclaimed Indian classical dancer, moved to Chicago from India in 1974. With a master’s degree in nutrition, she chose to quit dancing and work as a dietician in the city. But, her passion for the dance of Bharata Natyam won over. A leading member of the Indian-American community persuaded […]

An art piece is worth “34,000 Pillows”

By Vishakha Darbha Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera watched over the makeshift sewing studio at Soul Asylum, an art exhibition focusing on immigrant stories of struggle. Perera is one half of an artist duo, with Cara Megan Lewis. Together, they call themselves Diaz Lewis. At Soul Asylum, their interactive artwork is titled “34,000 Pillows,” inspired by the […]

Unmasked: A platform for cultural expressions for Muslim youth (Video)

By Nikita Mandhani Amarah Alghaban clutched the mic as she recited a verse from one of her favorite poems by Naomi Shihab Nye, about the plight of Palestinians. “And these are not two equal sides: occupier and occupied. And a hundred dead, two hundred dead, and a thousand dead. And between that, war crime and […]