International athletes face special challenges as seniors

By Fernando Shan
Medill Reports

Turning pro is the dream for student athletes. But many give up  that dream due to injuries, players say.

“I don’t think professional tennis is a realistic goal. Tennis is going to end at college [graduation]. It’s time to move on,”said Rachel Le Comber, a senior on the UIC women’s tennis team.
The majority of student athletes need to figure out another career path before graduation.
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Sports Betting for the Sports Illiterate

By Nick Hennion
Medill Reports

Understand sports betting? Good. Neither did I. So in light of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize sports gambling, I sought on some experts on the subject to examine where sports betting is right now, and where it’s going in the future.

Photo at top: Bovada is one of the main online sites that sports bettors can use to place bets. (Nick Hennion/MEDILL)


South Side Story: Chicago family seeks justice as organizers challenge city’s reform efforts

By Javanna Plummer
Medill Reports

Flora Suttle, a retired police officer, said that Chicago’s consent decree is a necessary step forward. The decree is a court order designed to force an overhaul of the Chicago Police Department’s practices and policies. Suttle’s son Derrick was killed by a Chicago police officer in 2012. She suspects foul play and is seeking justice. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, we learn more about the Suttle case and take a closer look at how Chicago policing affects Black communities in Chicago.

Photo at top: Photograph of Derrick Suttle who was killed by a police officer in 2012 standing with his daughter La’Rie. (Courtesy: Flora Suttle)

Equality in religion: A shift towards a more inclusive Islam

By Aqilah Allaudeen
Medill Newsmakers

Progressive Islamic activists are fighting to do Islam differently. Men and women sharing the same space in a mosque? Gay and gender non-binary Muslims welcomed?

In this Medill Newsmakers episode, we speak to experts fighting for equality and inclusivity in Islam, and learn more about the progressive movement.

Photo at top: Religious leaders are still trying to understand the Quran’s teachings about homosexuality in Islam. (Aqilah Allaudeen/MEDILL)

Bowling: It’s more than a game

By Kristen Keller
Medill Reports

The number of bowling leagues across the country has decreased, but not at Diversey River Bowl in Logan Square.  The center is packed with leagues every night of the week except Fridays and Saturdays, when people come in to participate in Rock N’ Bowl.

 Chicago also happens to be home to one of the best collegiate bowling teams in the country with the men’s and women’s bowling teams at Robert Morris University-Illinois.

In this episode of Medill Newsmakers we dive in and see why Chicago has become such a popular place for bowling.

Photo at top: Monday night bowling at Diversey River Bowl(Kristen Keller/MEDILL)


Everybody’s Game: Ensuring Access to Opportunity in Soccer

By Alex Campbell
Medill Reports

Soccer has become increasingly popular across America in recent years. However, youth participation rates have declined, partially due to the high costs of many youth programs and lack of access to opportunities to play the game.

I spoke with officials from various levels of soccer here in Chicago, from the Park District up to the United States Soccer Federation, about what is being done to ensure access and opportunity to the most popular sport in the world.

Photo at top: Winter indoor soccer program at Calumet Park (Alex Campbell/MEDILL)

The Fog of War: Concussions in Modern Football

By Doug Greenberg
Medill Reports

The game of football is no longer a contact sport, it’s a collision sport.

Players launch themselves at their opponents at maximum speed, and put their brains at risk in the process. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, we speak with the medical professionals fighting against concussions and CTE, as well as a former NFL linebacker who was at the center of it all.

Photo at top: An MRI at Rush Medical Center. (Doug Greenberg/MEDILL)

Kentucky golfer makes a name for himself in first PGA Tour-appearance at the Genesis Open

By Neel Madhavan
Medill Reports

One of the perks for Lukas Euler winning the Genesis Open’s Collegiate Showcase on Feb. 11 was the opportunity to meet the tournament’s host, Tiger Woods.

The other perk for the Kentucky senior was earning a spot in the main field at Riviera Country Club and competing against and meeting some of the best professional golfers in the world.

“I’m just walking around out here as proud as I can be and as happy as I can be,” said Kentucky coach Brian Craig. “This is a dream come true for Lukas, and so that makes me happy. He’s been able to rub elbows with just about every top-10 player in the world – like talk to them, not just ‘Hey,’ but actually talk to some of these guys. They’ve been so kind to him, so it’s made it a really memorable experience for him.”

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Most trendy 2018 technologies unveiled in Chicago and beyond

By Xieyang Jessica Qiao
Medill Reports

Today may be the slowest day you’re ever going to have during the rest of your life. The pace of change tomorrow will be faster than the pace today.

Chicago’s burgeoning VC opportunities and tech scene

An entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by investors who bet big on the city, is driving Chicago’s tech startup scene. According to the 2018 Chicago VC Ecosystem report, the city continues to outperform other U.S. venture ecosystems – including Silicon Valley – in terms of median multiple on invested capital (MOIC).

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How a women-led tech startup e-prescribes community resources for self-care

By Cyan Zhong
Medill Reports

Stacy Lindau wears many hats – practicing physician, researcher, professor. But she never imagined herself a technology startup founder.

As electronic prescriptions make the old-school pencil-to-paper prescriptions obsolete, Lindau found the calling to expand the power of information technology outside exam rooms and into a broader community.

With funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Lindau created NowPow by bringing the brainchild of her research at the University of Chicago to market. Continue reading