Songs for Burge torture victims fill City Hall

By Kate Morrissey Voices echoed off the stone walls of the second floor of City Hall Thursday morning as both song and protest supported Chicago Police torture victim reparations. Chicago Torture Justice Memorials, with support from Project NIA and Amnesty International, organized the sing-in on January 15, Martin Luther King Jr.’s actual birthday, during the […]

Fear Factor: The High Hidden Cost of the Ebola Epidemic

By Jamie Friedlander The “cost” of an epidemic such as Ebola usually targets the dollar toll in hospital fees and economic downturns. But the loss of lives and the measure of suffering remains a lasting and growing cost. “In terms of the cost in Liberia, it’s not dollars and cents. It’s the death of a […]

Millennials inspired by Chicago’s ‘Tinder for jobs’; employers doubtful

By Laura Furr Gionni Crawford, 20, is looking for a job. A recent graduate from Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield, Michigan, Crawford will be relocated from his job as a cellphone vendor at his hometown Target in Detroit when it closes at the end of the month. A self-described “hustler,” Crawford said […]