OPINION: Chicago ready to rise in luxury fashion

(Photo courtesy of Dior)

By Mallory Hughes Christian Dior. Versace. Rebecca Minkoff. These three luxury fashion labels are only the most recent brands about to make their mark in the Gold Coast, opening stores and joining other industry giants already in residence including Hermés, Lanvin and Prada. The flood of single-designer stores opened by well-known international fashion labels could […]

Carbon capture: Deep six the CO2

By Bryce Gray 325 parts per million in 1970… 350 ppm in 1988… 400 ppm in 2015… At 400 ppm, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are now nearly 40 percent higher than in pre-industrial times and are higher than they have been in more than 800,000 years. As the global concentration of CO2 climbs ever higher […]