Constellation Brands boasts strong earnings, propelled by beer business

by Adriana Cargill Constellation Brands Inc. exceeded analysts’ expectations for its fourth quarter and projected strong gains in sales and earnings, driven by booming import beer sales in the U.S. But the stock, which has enjoyed a strong run in recent months, barely budged. In the quarter that ended February 28, the Victor, N.Y.,-based leading […]

Shedding light on the search for dark energy

By Lizz Giordano Engineers and astronomers at the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of South Texas are hoping their view of 1 million galaxies will shed some light on dark energy. Scientists link this mysterious and unseen energy that permeates the cosmos to the accelerating expansion of the universe. Technology advancements are opening up entirely […]

Morgellons: Straddling the gap between mental and physical illness


By Christina Bucciere Sarah Victor doesn’t bother going to doctors anymore. Victor, a 49-year-old restaurant manager from Bucktown, says she’s been told for years that her illness is all in her head, and that she is causing the pain herself. Now, she prefers to cope in her own way.

Consumer spending likely picked up in March

By Siyuan Du Less money spent at the gas pump and bad weather depressed consumer spending at the beginning of the year, but economists say conditions have improved. Retail sales are expected to increase 1 percent in March, according to Economists surveyed by Bloomberg. If so that would be the first monthly increase since November.