VIDEO: Men prone to eating disorders too

  Ryan DeBlock, a former wrestler lost 25 pounds one year and nearly starved himself to death.  As a survivor of an eating disorder,  he speaks out about his experience that started during wrestling in high school. Although it was many years ago, he still faces difficulty dealing with old habits, like drinking enough water. As […]

Vacated buildings can leave tenants on brink of homelessness

By Stephanie Choporis A loud knocking woke Brandon Williams one night in late 2014 in his fourth floor apartment on South Shore Drive. “When people used to knock on my door there, I would know that it wasn’t my neighbor because she would usually call,” said Williams, 34. He typically would not answer but the […]

Not your typical poet-social activist-caretaker: Meet Ayinde Cartman

By Bethel Habte The Fueling Station A passing thunderstorm left tiny puddles in the courtyard entrance of Canvas, an art and performance studio in Wicker Park. The rain’s clearing up and a crowd’s trickling in. Every second Monday of the month the space hosts Gala, an open mic, where Ayinde Cartman refuels. “Everything else is […]

The road to new tuberculosis antibiotic development in our backyard

Compounds from Lake Michigan play a key role in the drug discovery efforts of Chicago-based researchers

by Elise Steinberger While news of a case of extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis in Chicago makes its way across the nation, we ask ourselves, where do we go from here?  When modern medicine can’t work its magic, for a moment we remain disoriented. Germs are everywhere. While we’ve all likely heard about the problem of drug-resistant […]

VIDEO: The Art of Kendo

By Yining Zhou Kendo is Japanese sword fighting. It requires not only physical strength but also mental stillness. John Condon is a four-dan kendoka and the president of Chicago Kendo Dojo. His organization offers Chicagoans a place to learn about kendo and practice.