In Iowa, Cruz wins big, Trump nips Rubio; Sanders and Clinton in virtual tie


By Max Greenwood DES MOINES – Texas senator Ted Cruz delivered an unexpected blow to Donald Trump in Iowa’s Republican caucuses on Monday night, sweeping to victory as Florida senator Marco Rubio made it a three-man race. On the Democratic side, the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders remained close. With 95 percent of […]

Voter Turnout Exceeds Expectations in Ankeny

By Caroline Kenny ANKENY, Iowa — At the Briarwood Golf Club caucus location in Ankeny, 237 caucus goers arrived, far exceeding the expectations of the caucus chairman. Precinct leader Daniel Denamore spoke with Medill Reports about the turnout. Turnout in Ankeny is Greater than Expected from Medill Reports on Vimeo.

Contending with gender: pondering President Hillary Clinton

By Enrica Nicoli Aldini DES MOINES, Iowa – It easy to find Iowa women who believe gender should not be the deciding factor in choosing a presidential candidate. Harder to find are women who doubt that electing the country’s first female president would shape the future of the country. “Personally, I feel like gender is […]

Clinton more than doubles Sanders total in an Iowa precinct

By Emiliana Molina ANKENY, Iowa — Hillary Clinton leads the votes for the Democratic party in Briarwood Golf Course in Ankeny, Iowa. Cheers for Bernie Sander’s were heard louder than the cheers for Clinton, but the numbers showed a different outcome. [vimeo 153858822 w=500 h=270] Clinton more than doubles Sanders in votes from Medill Reports […]

Iowa caucus: ‘It’s getting hot in here’

By Enrica Nicoli Aldini UPDATE: ANKENY, Iowa — Things are heating up as Iowans begin discussing their picks for the Democratic nominee. The Bernie caucusgoer: Christian Pinneke, 20 Medill Reports: “Who are you caucusing for?” “I’m for Bernie. I’m a pretty strong believer in what he’s trying to accomplish.” MR: “How are you feeling?” “It’s […]

Better than expected turnout at Ankeny Caucus location

By Kristen Vake. ANKENY, Iowa —It’s caucus night in Iowa and Kristen Vake is live at the Briarwood golf course in Ankeny where caucusing is about to begin for the democratic party. Over 200 people are packed into the small venue and ready to battle it out for their chosen candidate.

Caucus locations bursting at seams

Iowa Precinct

By Steve Musal ANKENY, Iowa — Two reporters walk into a caucus room and are immediately asked to leave. In most cases that might be a sign of a failing democracy, but the reverse was true in Iowa tonight: There simply wasn’t any room for us. The place was packed wall-to-wall with Democratic caucus-goers. It’s […]

Youth vote turns out at Ankeny Caucuses

By Emiliana Molina ANKENY, Iowa — Youth voters made it out to caucus in Ankeny, Iowa and their votes may change the election turnout. Hillary Clinton recieved more than 150 votes, Bernie Sanders received more than 60 votes and Martin O’Malley did not reach the 15 percent threshold, leading his voters to be persuaded by Clinton […]

Lines at Iowa precincts suggest record turnout for caucuses


By Max Greenwood ANKENY, Iowa — More than half-an-hour after caucusing was set to begin, many Iowa voters are still waiting in line to get into the precincts – let alone cast their votes – a sign that this year’s contest in Iowa is shaping up to be one of the most heated in recent […]

Ted Cruz rallies with voters in Davenport before the caucuses

Ted Cruz greets supporters as he walks onto the stage

By Raquel Zaldivar DAVENPORT, Iowa – Parking spots were scarce at Adventure Community Church before a Ted Cruz rally in this Mississippi River town. The church was just as crowded. Heidi Cruz introduced conservative broadcast personality Glenn Beck, who introduced  the Texas Republican. Taking the stage, Cruz urged his cheering audience to show up at […]