Chicago Pastor Bruce Ray called to a ‘disruptive’ mission

Yingxu Jane Hao The Rev. Bruce Ray never planned to become a pastor. Son of a Kentucky pastor in a small town in northwestern Illinois, Ray longed to become a writer. So he went to the University of Iowa to study English with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in social work. Though his life […]

The deal with diet pills—Weight loss supplements remain a ‘Wild West’

By Neil Murthy Meet Whitney—a 42-year-old wife and a mother living on the North Shore.  Her favorite pastimes include performing in musical theater, actively participating in her child’s PTA, volunteering with various local charity organizations and mentoring her 7-year-old daughter’s busy round of school, homework and sports. She is also on a decades-long quest to […]

Chicago singer’s rising stardom

By Caley Chelios Johari Noelle is an ambitious Chicago singer who’s talent caught the eyes of many, including a former Destiny’s Child member. She has exciting plans for this summer, starting with an extended play album she’s releasing about her own experiences from her role in BET’s Chasing Destiny, and her efforts finding success as […]