The long road to Chicago: L.A. runner returns for his 59th marathon

By Kelly Calagna Blue Benadum, 36, took to the streets of Chicago last weekend to attempt completing his 59th marathon. Benadum, a Los Angeles resident, has been competing in the Chicago Marathon for the last four years. But, in 2015, his race was cut short. Benadum had to pull out mid-race due to an injury—the […]

Teacher recruitment aims to diversify ranks, reflect communities, boost pupil outcomes

By Emily Olsen David Gregg has been working at Nicholas Senn High School for more than a decade, watching the “very diverse” school transform from academically struggling to a well-regarded neighborhood high school. The Edgewater school is filled with students from all over the world, around 65 different nationalities, including large populations of African-American and Hispanic […]

Chicago’s solar opportunities grow

The restaurant Uncommon Ground has five solar thermal panels that provide 10 percent of its overall energy needs.

By Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang Listening to people talk about the beauty of having solar as their energy source, you might have your doubts. When do you earn back your initial investment, how do you pay for the high upfront cost and what if you don’t have a house? Challenges remain,  but things  have changed If […]

For Adult Literacy Programs, Stop-Gap Budget Is Not an Open Book

By Meredith Francis Before a crowd outside the Thompson Center, Deyro Banguero speaks English fluently through a megaphone, advocating for more state funding for adult education. He’s been in the United States for five years after moving here from Colombia. In his citizenship classes at Erie House, he’s learning United States history, civics and reading […]