Duckworth wins U.S. Senate seat, declaring a historic moment

By Guy-Lee King and Duke Omara U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) rode out upbeat campaign predictions Tuesday to handily unseat U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), marking a fiercely fought campaign that drew national attention. Speaking to a room full of supporters at her campaign watch party, she said that she plans to work on college […]

Rep. Jan Schakowsky wins re-election on “pins and needles” for final presidential results

By Hannah Moulthrop Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s 9th district victory went almost unnoticed at her packed party at Tommy Nevin’s Pub in Evanston. Cheers erupted for Clinton’s win of each new state as the presidential race heated up, but supporters took for granted Schakowsky’s long expected re-election in her district that straddles Chicago’s North Side […]

Election Update: The Latino vote

Miles Painter & Alex Ortiz

Reporter Miles Painter speaks with Medill Reports writer Alex Ortiz, who has been spending the past week interviewing members of Chicago’s Latino Community. Published at 10:00 p.m. Photo above: Screen capture of Medill Reports video coverage on Election Day, Nov. 8th. (MEDILL)

Tales from the ‘overseen’: East Chicago residents line up to vote

Esmerelda Gutierrez outside the polling station in Marktown on Nov. 8

By Cloee Cooper “I think we got screwed this year,” said Ashley Zavala, a 28-year-old custodian at a public school in East Chicago, Ind. She voted for Hillary Clinton, but said her option this election was between worse and worst. “When you have a small town like East Chicago, you are overseen,” said Jose Rodriguez, […]

Curbside Splendor press grows as writers publish writers

By Lauren Ball A now-defunct punk band, one unassuming brick apartment building in the middle of Humboldt Park, and two friendly (though unapologetically territorial) cats might seem wholly unrelated. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to thread together these elements as I stood outside the building, fiery red leaves crunching under my feet as I […]

Election Update: What happens after Election Day?

Reporter Carolyn Cakir talks with political reporter and Medill professor Peter Slevin about what the candidates do while they wait for the polls to close, and what is likely to happen tomorrow. We will continue to file regular video updates throughout the evening. Published at 7:50 p.m.

Artist Diane Thater is transforming the landscape of video installation

By Lauren Ball As if entering hallowed ground, stepping into an art museum implies formality. We try not to click our heels too loudly against the wood floor. We make ourselves as small as possible to avoid blocking the views. And, somewhere in there, we attempt quiet contemplation. This type of learned behavior is exactly […]

Medill ElectionCast: Before the numbers come in

Election Day in Chicago is over. All that is left is to count the votes. Catch up with our team of Medill reporters who have been covering the election across the state of Illinois. We will continue to post updates throughout the evening. Published at 8:45 p.m. Photo at top: Anchors Jasmine Minor and Katanga […]

Election Update 2016

Here’s the latest Medill Reports Election 2016 Update. We spoke with Trevor Gervais, lead organizer at Common Cause Illinois, about election ad spending. Posted at 7 p.m. CT