Fat Rice brings Macau to Chicago

Fat Rice

By Nona Tepper She is Chinese-American, from Chicago. He is Portuguese- American, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, an area with a large Southeast Asian population. But their creation is a perfect merger of their two cultures. It’s also a reflection of their quest to show how cuisines evolve globally.

Immigrants use Snapchat to amplify their voices before Trump

Photo Illustration by Marianna Brady at Medill Reports

By Marianna Brady President-elect Trump has used Twitter during his campaign and after his presidential election victory to speak directly with the public. He’s harnessed Twitter as a way to quickly express his opinions. Undocumented immigrants and members of Congress are turning to the platform Snapchat to share their stories. We used the messaging app […]

Climate scientists gather to tackle urgent challenges for the planet

By Janice Cantieri “You can’t open a McDonald’s ketchup packet without the little notch. Try it, okay?” noted climatologist Richard Alley. Without the little notches, plastic ketchup packets are almost impossible to open no matter how much you pull or tear. Cracks in the world’s ice sheets are like those little notches, Alley said. Once […]

Christmas comes early at the Chicago Cultural Center

By Kelly Calagna The Chicago Cultural Center came alive Sunday with the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s holiday classic, The Nutcracker.  About 500 little ballerinas took over the grand ball room in a free public event made possible by the volunteer efforts of Ballet Chicago and the Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band. The tutu’ed participants received a ballet lesson, […]

Anti-abortion protesters sing holiday songs outside clinics

Anti-abortion carolers

By Carolyn Talya Cakir It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday. Most young adults would be sleeping in, enjoying their weekend. Not the members of Pro-Life Future, who gathered outside Family Planning Associates Medical Group to protest abortion through song. “Today, we’re Christmas caroling for babies,” says Pro-Life Future-Chicago leader Meghan Meehan. Family Planning Associates is […]

Watchdog group on organized racism responds to Trump’s victory

Terri Johnson on Nov. 30, 2016

By Cloee Cooper Many organizations were caught off guard by Donald Trump’s election. Some saw it coming when the presidential campaign geared up last January. “Everyone is understanding now that the far right is now mainstream. Its running the country. We and others have been warning others about this for a long time,” says Reverend […]

Teen climber continues his sport despite cancer and loss of leg

By Siyan (Jen) Huang Climbing is a sport that requires great courage and strength. I met 17-year-old Ian Vallejo, an agile climber who had lost a leg to cancer, right after his second round of chemotherapy for yet another cancer. He was pale and sitting in a wheelchair. It was hard for me to picture him […]

Millennial Era Jazz: Pianist Alexis Lombre hopes to return the jazz club to a dance hall

By Thaddeus Tukes After first-year adjustments, most college sophomores are ready to immerse themselves. 20-year-old pianist Alexis Lombre has been doing just that. A Chicago native and full-time music student at the University of Michigan, Lombre says her first year left her feeling isolated and targeted, due to racist, sexist, and heteropatriarchal statements that were […]

Stop blaming the polls

U.S. survey

By Mariah Quintanilla Stop blaming the pre-election polls. They told you all they could about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The pre-election polls based on national surveys accurately predicted what they were designed to predict: Clinton’s popular election win. So why did so few consider the fact that the electoral college had a real chance of […]

U.S. innovation at risk: Science funding crunch clashes with a burgeoning Ph.D. workforce

By Lakshmi Chandrasekaran “A CR (continuing resolution) Attenuates Progress. That would be C-R-A-P in case you haven’t figured that out,” said National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins last month, talking about how government funding affects research. Collins, quoted in Science magazine, referred to an amorphous continuing federal funding program that ends this Friday. Congress passed a […]