Northwestern’s dance with basketball history

Northwestern men's basketball practice

By Mark Singer Standing in the same arena of his final high school game some 25 years ago,  Chris Collins can’t help but smile when he considers the success of his current team. The rollicking atmosphere at Welsh-Ryan Arena these days, unthinkable until a few months ago, brings the Northwestern coach back to 1992 when […]

ComEd warns of power outages from aluminum Valentine’s Day balloons

ComEd warns of power outages from aluminum Valentine's Day balloons

By Alex Whittler ComEd is warning consumers of the dangers of those popular aluminum Valentine’s Day balloons. Last year, nearly 2500 people were left without power because of one. Photo at top: ComEd reports more than 2500 people were left without power after an aluminum balloon, as shown here, hit a power line. The electric […]

Former NFL player hopes his technology will decrease concussion rates

By Allie Burger Reporting from Houston The Super Bowl has come and gone. Fans have left Houston and Twitter has trended toward in-season sports. But for players, the physical effects of that game along with the cumulative contact leading up to it, will continue to be felt by the Patriots and Falcons who took over […]

Nonprofit bike shop thrives thanks to boost from the city

Youth employed at nonprofit bike shop

By Haley Velasco Feb. 14 Update: We have added a documentary to this story which features student Freddy Mercado and David Pohlad in the bike shop. If you walk down Sawyer Avenue in Albany Park, you’ll pass a shop with a glass storefront displaying multi-colored bikes hanging from the walls and the ceiling. Inside that shop, […]

Indoor Climbing: America’s Hottest New Workout?

By Kathleen McAuliffe When Daniel Duane spent his weekends scaling Yosemite in the 1980s, climbing was an outdoor experience, as rooted in nature as in physical challenge. After an extended hiatus, Duane returned to the sport, when his 11-year-old daughter Hannah joined a competitive climbing team. But when he dropped in on her practices at […]

At U of C, basketball takes a backseat to books

University of Chicago guard Tyler Howard

By Tacuma R. Roeback On a late January evening at the Gerald Ratner gymnasium at the University of Chicago, students trickled through the doors to collect neon-colored tank tops, sunglasses and Hawaiian leis. It was “Beach Night.” They came to socialize. They came to be transported from the dreary, 37-degree night that would greet them […]

Environmental Industry Night fosters transparency in Chicago

Environmental Industry Night

By Alaina Boukedes A group of Chicago environmentalist met Monday for an Environmental Industry Night for an update on Chicago’s latest green initiatives. Hosted by Environmental Chicago, the group meets the last Monday of every month at Pint Chicago in downtown Chicago. That establishment provides a casual atmosphere for environmental professionals to network and learn […]