The Concussion Conundrum

Researchers are still perplexed as to the effects of concussions on female athletes. But a Northwestern duo believes accounting for the menstrual cycle could be the key. By Brittany Callan Medill Reports For rugby player Brittany O’Dell, it took a Will Smith movie to scare her into taking sports injuries seriously. The 2015 true-life film […]

Immigration courts remain backlogged in big cities as judges are sent to the border

By Mariana Alfaro Medill Reports In April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent 25 immigration judges to detention centers near the border and promised to add 125 new judges to the bench in the next two years, all part of the Administration’s plan to “fight against criminal aliens.” This plan was criticized by immigrant communities and […]

Panel addresses shortcomings of ‘me too’ campaign for women of color

By Cailin Crowe Medill Reports “Me Too” — it’s a short but powerful phrase that has taken social media, politics, workplaces and dinner tables by storm…at least for white women. The viral social media campaign has been tweeted more than 1.7 million times and is credited with creating a unified platform for women to share […]

Without supervision, recycling goes rogue

By Kristine Sherred Medill Reports The city imposed a strict recycling ordinance last summer but forgot about enforcing it. Chicago has struggled to be green since 1995, when new rules first required businesses and large apartment buildings to begin a modest recycling effort through private haulers. In 2017, the city expects these same buildings to […]

Black Gold

By Rebecca Fanning Medill Reports Ed Hubbard has been dreaming up worm businesses since before he could drive. Now the 54-year-old has turned that passion into a business, transforming Chicago’s food waste into valuable soil one crawler at a time.

Salvadoran immigrants fret as future of special protection status in peril

By Mariana Alfaro Medill Reports The Salvadoran consulate in Chicago is tucked away in a small office above a Chick-Fil-A and a mattress store, in a building next to the State and Lake train stop in the heart of the Loop. On a wintry morning, the consulate’s waiting room was packed, as usual, with Salvadorans […]