The case for Keurigs

There's a perverse beauty in a cup of instant Keurig coffee.

By Emily Clemons Medill Reports I am a proud drinker of sh—y coffee. I am a longtime user of the ubiquitous and much-reviled Keurig coffee maker. Above only instant brews, K-Cup coffee occupies the lowest rung on the java ladder, eternally damned there by knowledgeable and high-brow coffee-drinkers who value their French presses and pour-over […]

West Side Church Provides a Safe Haven for Chicago Veterans

By Xinyi (Ethel) Jiang Medill Reports More than a hundred Austin neighbors from the West Side gathered on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to celebrate and honor the service of veterans at the Healing Temple Church. This “Musical and Award Luncheon” is part of the “Standup for Veterans” program sponsored by the Arthur Lockhart Resource Institute. […]