Educators push back against guns in schools

By Kaitlin Englund Medill Reports As the one-month anniversary of the Parkland school shooting nears, and lawmakers debate provisions for gun safety and reform, Chicago-area educators say that arming teachers is not a viable solution and challenge the nation’s leaders to find alternative solutions. “I think it’s so beyond ridiculous,” said Matt Walsh, a history […]

Immigrants wonder, worry about gun culture

By Serena Yeh Medill Reports More than 30 years ago, Satnaam Singh Mago’s grandfather was murdered by gun in the United Kingdom. “For my mom, it took her about maybe 20, 25 years after her father’s death where she could actually talk about some of the dark things that happened to him,” Mago, a youth […]

Q&A: Liberty, Security, Sacrifice, Feeling Safe

Uhll picture

By Giulia Petroni Medill Reports The shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, demonstrate that the emotional impact of a tragedy leads people to question the existing security measures and demand for some reinforcements. The expanded use of metal detectors, lock-down policies and surveillance cameras, however, also challenge people’s freedom. Are individuals […]

Mass shootings have far-reaching mental-health consequences, say experts

Newspapers with Parkland headline

By Ilana Marcus Medill Reports In the weeks following the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Chicago-based psychologist Nancy Molitor noticed that the tragedy was surfacing repeatedly during sessions with her patients, even though it happened more than a thousand miles away. “They were coming in for other issues, but it was the first thing on their […]