Black girls perceived, often treated as older and less innocent, study finds

By Giulia Petroni Medill Reports In the summer of 2012, a 15-year-old black girl was arrested by police for using her student MetroCard in Harlem, New York. Officers questioned her age – they thought she was too old to use a card valid only for youths under 19 – and kept her in costudy until […]

ChiHuo Chicago builds a bridge between foodies and restaurants

Foodie Map of ChiHuo Chicago.

By Minghe Hu Medill Reports ChiHuo means foodie in Mandarin, and a two-year-old online promoter of Chinese food called ChiHuo Chicago has a growing following in the Chinese community. It’s one of nine such ventures around the country operated by Chinese parent ChiHuo. As a startup, ChiHuo Chicago has grown from a personal social medium […]

Cboe outlook just fine despite VIX-related angst, analysts say

By Minghe Hu Medill Reports As inverse-VIX trading dried up during the stock market’s 10-percent correction in February, shares of VIX originator Cboe Global Markets Inc. plummeted a startling 18 percent. But, buoyed by reassuring words from Cboe’s chief executive officer, the high-flying stock partially recovered and the exchange’s outlook remains solid for 2018 in […]

Chicagoans Celebrate Pi with Pie

Pie-eating contestants prepare to eat four pounds of whipped cream

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports While March 14 can be celebrated by playing math and science activities, it is not because it’s Einstein’s birthday. March 14 was also Pi Day — 3.14 as 3/14 — and while intellectual games are encouraged, the day is often honored with one of America’s favorite desserts. And one local […]

Coach Niraj Patel readying his team to take on the upcoming season

By Annanya Medill Reports The Naperville Baseball Academy, always a home for one of America’s favorite sports, has a growing second life as a cricket center for Chicago United, one of the major  area clubs. Coach Niraj Patel is readying his team to take on the upcoming season if games against other clubs in the region. […]

Dom and Tom: twins’ $11-million firm is still friends and family

Dom and Tom Tancredi (Photo courtesy of Alice Fountain).

By Alexa Adler Medill Reports Dominic and Tom Tancredi, the twin brothers who co-founded Dom and Tom, a privately-owned, nine-year old digital product development company with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, believe the “secret sauce” behind their company’s success is working with friends and family, because they are “people who trust you” […]

Your Senator Filled Out An NCAA Bracket – You’ll Never Guess Who They Picked

By Brian Baker Medill Reports Shortly before the NCAA Tournament tipped off last Thursday, Virginia U.S. Senator Mark Warner sent a tweet that included a picture of his bracket. “Just filled out my #MarchMadness bracket. @UVA’s going all the way,” it read. The University of Virginia did not go all the way. Millions of Americans […]

Self-aware: Virtual Cyberslug knows how to fight for survival

Erik Alcantar Medill Reports “Cyberslug,” a virtual ocean predator, sets itself apart from other artificial intelligence creations with one distinct quality – simple self-awareness. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report  online in the journal eNeuro that this artificially intelligent virtual slug behaves very similarly to the living creature it is designed to mimic – the sea […]

Twitch gamers hope new community guidelines will combat online harassment

By Jourdan Kerl Medill Reports The live streaming video platform Twitch improved online security this March to protect professional and amateur streamers from harassment and hate speech that have plagued some users. Twitch, a subsidiary of, updated the Community Guidelines to reflect how important community of streamers is to the platform to combat the issues surrounding […]