Scientists follow clues in Alaska to illnesses moving from animals to humans

By Samantha Yadron Medill Reports Medill News Service journalist Samantha Yadron is an embedded journalist with scientists from the University of Anchorage, Alaska, reporting on the dangers of micro-plastics to wildlife consuming it. In this blog, she follows scientists with the One Health initiative on a multinational research tour gathering clues about the  transfer of […]

A glimpse into the atmosphere – Balloons still at the forefront of forecasting

By Morgan Levey Medill Reports Norman, Oklahoma. Just around the corner from the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, a small cylinder-block building with antennas and a sphere on the roof marks the site of crucial weather data collection. Reinforced to withstand a gas explosion, it’s the base for Norman’s daily weather balloon launch. Yes, […]

Motorola Solutions CEO brings in $15 million pay package

Motorola Solutions headquarters in Chicago

By Sarah Foster Medill Reports The head of Motorola Solutions Inc. is reaping the financial benefits of leading a well-performing company, analysts and compensation experts said. The company’s directors raised CEO Gregory Brown’s salary by 27 percent in 2017, a year when Motorola Solutions grew profits and adjusted income, completed multiple acquisitions and launched 85 […]

Berkshire Hathaway’s Governance Unique Among Public Companies

By Brian Baker Medill Reports Todd Combs, an investment officer at Berkshire Hathaway Inc., received $376,750 in total compensation last year for serving on the board of directors at JPMorgan Chase & Co. That’s nearly 140 times what Bill Gates earned as a director on the board of Berkshire. “No Berkshire director is in it […]