Senior housing facilities in Chicago: Creating communities for LGBT elders

By Colleen Zewe Medill Reports When searching for a senior housing facility, most people ask the standard questions: What are the meals like?  What are the costs? But for LGBT people, the process becomes more complicated because they have to consider how LGBT-friendly the home is. Luckily, new diversity trainings for senior homes can help […]

Solitary confinement: A human rights issue within U.S. borders

By Aqilah Allaudeen Medill Reports Gabriel Guzman spent three years of his 10-year prison term locked up in a small box-like cell for more than 22 hours a day. His time in solitary was broken up into stints of about four months each. Some were brought after he took part in fights but others, he […]

Joe Moore doubles down on community policing after Rogers Park murders

By Matt Craig Medill Reports Two months after an unresolved spree killing rocked his Rogers Park neighborhood, Alderman Joe Moore is trying to move on. An “unprecedented” 40 Chicago police detectives are working to find the man responsible for two seemingly random murders within a 36-hour span in late September, yet the search has not […]