Frances Willard and the fight for women’s suffrage

Frances Willard reading.

By Nora Mabie Medill Reports The Midterm elections of 2018 catapulted women to political victories at all levels of government, with a record number of women now serving the 116th Congress. These historic triumphs take on new meaning as we approach June 2019, marking 100 years since Congress passed the 19th Amendment granting women the […]

Doomsday clock remains at two minutes to midnight, closest setting to Apocalypse

By Lily Qi Medill Reports The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists announced Thursday that the hands on the Doomsday Clock remain at two minutes to midnight in  “a new abnormal” world situation with little progress made on limiting nuclear risks, climate change dangers and cybersecurity threats. The hands of the clock freeze where they were […]

For strongly international UIC Women’s Tennis, head coach serves as a second mother

By Fernando Shan Medill Reports Video Shannon Tully, head coach of  University of Illinois at Chicago women’s tennis team, has guided student-athletes for nearly 20 years. Players say Tully serves as the American mother for this team, where seven of the eight players are international students who traveled thousands of miles to attend UIC. Before coaching, […]

Northwestern freshman Clarissa Hand ready for challenge of leading Wildcats


By Neel Madhavan Medill Reports When freshman Clarissa Hand arrived in Evanston in the fall, she didn’t quite know where she’d fit into Northwestern University’s tennis lineup. Fast forward to the winter/spring dual-match season, and Hand is leading the Wildcats at the No. 1 singles and doubles positions. “It’s a lot to ask of a […]

Chicago mayoral candidates demand voter access and equity for upcoming election

By Ariana Puzzo Medill Reports “If we’re going to get the confidence of the people of Chicago, what we have to do is do everything legitimate,” said the former Chicago police superintendent and mayoral candidate Garry McCarthy. The opposite is done in Chicago to promote voter turnout in some areas, McCarthy said at Monday’s mayoral […]