Volunteers and survivors of sexual assault help other survivors

The door to Resilience offices, showing the organization's logo.

By Chris Schulz Medill Reports Medical advocates always hope they will not receive this notification during their shift. Even though they have trained for the scenario, are certified by the state to respond and have volunteered their time for this exact reason, it is still heartbreaking. The notification means that someone, somewhere in a hospital […]

Break down silos to make Chicago an electric transit leader


By Xieyang Jessica Qiao Medill Reports As vehicle automation and electrification gain traction, they create a new mobility ecosystem for Chicago to tap into. Yet the city’s traditional residential infrastructure and limited connectivity could hinder Chicago and other metropolises in their ability to innovate. Waymo, Google’s autonomous car subsidiary, announced last year they would purchase […]

Every night out in the cold: Volunteers count the city’s homeless

By Lu Zhao and Kimberly Jin Medill Reports Shivering in the icy wind, he stood alone on the refuge island at the crossroad of West Cermak Road and South Clark Street. Out in the pitch darkness, the middle-aged man became visible under a dim streetlight. Being first-time volunteers for the annual Homeless Count, we hesitated. […]