Khumbu Glacier in Nepal offers clues to rapid retreat of ice

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports The Khumbu Glacier in the Himalayas retreated rapidly in the past, offering clues to how the glacier will behave in the future, University of Maine research suggests. Laura Mattas, a master’s student at the university, conducted field research this summer on the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal. She presented her research […]

Scott Travis: On call for farm, foundation and science

By Chris McConaghey Medill Reports Scott Travis didn’t know what to expect when he put in an application to work for Lands’ End clothing company in 1987. He was 32 years old then and got the position. During that time, he had several opportunities to meet and talk with the late Gary Comer – founder […]

CBD – Balancing therapeutic potential and caution

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports Cannabidiol (CBD) is exploding in the coffee house market as a magical elixir. It is popularly believed to help treat many conditions including anxiety and coffee houses are far from the only place you can find it. It is currently available in dog treats, bath bombs, and even pharmaceuticals. All […]

Greenland ‘ice tongue’ at risk of melting away — again

Paleoclimatologist Brendan Reilly and PhD student Anna Glueder collect rock and sediment samples near the Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland. (Brendan Reilly/Oregon State University)

By Zack Fishman Medill Reports A 30-mile-long strip of sea ice in northwest Greenland, once thought to be a permanent structure, didn’t exist until 2,000 years ago, according to newly published research from researchers at Oregon State University. The findings suggest that some of the Arctic may melt more quickly in today’s warming climate than […]

Hat enthusiast brings California fashion to Chicago

By Areeba Shah Medill Reports A year ago, when real-estate agent Aaron Malki was sitting in his Bucktown living room, he realized he wanted to create something. When he noticed his Polo “dad hat” hanging from the back of his door, he knew exactly how to combine his passions for fashion and philanthropy. In February, […]