Tailor-made models for preventing suicide may soon be a reality

By Madhurita Goswami Medill Reports A recent study based on social media data shows that chat features of conversations between help-seekers and therapists can be used to predict suicide risk and develop models to reduce the risk. “There is an interesting link between language and health that hasn’t been explored in real-time fashion,” said Carlos […]

A festival that binds Bengali students and professionals in Chicago

By Madhurita Goswami Medill Reports Students and professionals belonging to the Bengali community in Chicago came together for a recent religious and cultural celebration. Started at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus by a group of students in 2007, the celebration is centered around Durga, a Hindu Goddess. It, however, has turned into […]

“Why we should care” – Calling on Asian Americans to demand environmental justice


By Madhurita Goswami Medill Reports Asian Americans are increasingly pushing for environmental reforms to address the issues impacting their communities across the country. A new Chicago advocacy group recently held a workshop on Asian Americans and Environmental Justice to drive home the importance of the community’s political involvement for climate action. Andrea Chu has been […]