Try a new yoga partner — Get healthy and happy with goats!

By Annie Krall Medill Reports Yoga has offered a sanctuary of serenity for thousands of years. A recent study found that even normally giddy preschoolers can benefit from the calming effects of yoga! But how is this exercise getting a millennial update? Check out what happens when you combine downward dog with a one week […]

Intermittent fasting: A path to changing life and fighting cancer

By Annie Krall Medill Reports Growling. Roaring. Grumbling. Something not quite in the distance draws even closer.  In the pit of your stomach you feel it growing. What is that? Where did it come from? What does it want? When the sound reaches a crescendo that is when you realize…

Black Creativity exhibit links Chicago students with innovative careers

By Sidnee King Medill Reports The Museum of Science and Industry wrapped up its celebration of black history month with a Career Showcase highlighting black innovators and entrepreneurs across Chicagoland. The showcase for the museum’s 50th Annual Black Creativity Exhibit has evolved as a tribute to the culture, heritage and contributions of African Americans in […]

Amid Trump’s travel ban, fencers keep their weapons raised

By Emine Yücel Medill Reports Kamali Thompson, a Team USA saber fencer training for the 2020 Olympics, woke up Thursday morning to 30 missed messages. Her friends and family in the U.S. were calling, urging her to cut her training trip short and return home from Paris immediately. “Luckily for me, I was able to […]

Preservation Chicago reveals 2020 list of the city’s most endangered buildings

By Michaela Schirra Medill Reports The recent release of the seven most endangered buildings in Chicago added to looming preservationist fears about the city’s architectural heritage. Ward Miller, executive director of Preservation Chicago, presented the “Chicago 7 Most Endangered” structures to a sold-out audience at the recent Chicago Architecture Center program. Despite Chicago’s rich architectural […]