Knitting for a cause: Tempestry Project fuses art and science to illustrate climate change

By Jake Holland Medill Reports Dappled light streams through the wide windows of the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston. Streaks of sunshine stretch along light wood-paneled floors speckled with paint. Four women sit around a low plastic picnic table, chatting about their families and the recent stretch of nice weather. They’re bent over needles […]

Alderman Taylor gets candid about Chicago politics during podcast taping

By Sidnee King Medill Reports “I hate City Hall, it’s the devil’s den,” said 20th Ward Ald.  Jeanette Taylor at a recent live podcast taping. As election season ramps up, the conversation on what ideas, policies, and people are truly electable becomes more critical at national and local levels. This discussion was the central component of […]

The challenges when lesser known athletes speak out on societal issues

By Jake Meister Medill Reports Athletes are bringing candid and influential voices to social concerns as barriers denying them the opportunity to speak out vanish. Within the past five years, players from multiple sports in addition to the big four (men’s basketball & hockey, football and baseball) are more willing to voice their stands on […]