Then and now: The legacy of Bantu education in South Africa

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports For most of the twentieth century, South Africa functioned under the system of apartheid, a system that segregated South African peoples in every aspect of life, privileging whiteness above all. Through a series of laws, apartheid created deep economic disparities,  immense political disenfranchisement and social divides with rippling effects across […]

Environmental racism and the fight against it

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports Environmental justice and food justice may seem mutually exclusive. But the two go hand in hand. In Cook County, one in seven people are food insecure. That means nearly 750,000 children and adults in the county go hungry during parts of the year and often lack access to nutritious foods, […]

Entertainer Cyril Rabbath juggles his priorities

Cyril juggles in France

By Amy Sokolow Medill Reports With low-slung string lights, posters of 20th-century French vixens on the exposed brick walls, tiny, expensive drinks with their names printed on tarot cards, and wait times up to two hours, The Drifter is buzzing with chatter on a Friday night but falls silent as Cyril Rabbath takes the stage. […]