Teachers union and Chicago Public Schools lock horns over COVID-19 reopening plans

By Marie Mendoza and Catherine Henderson Medill Reports As COVID cases continue to rise in Illinois, Chicago Public Schools’ second quarter has started, but school buildings remain empty. This comes after a month of pushback from teachers and parents after the district released a plan to bring back pre-K and some special education students. But […]

Patients with chronic diseases struggle to receive care in COVID-19-era China

Patients fill out questionnaire before entering the hospital

By Amy Ouyang Medill Reports Wearing two layers of surgical masks and holding a bag full of her medical records for the past six months, Shuhua Liu filled out the COVID-19 questionnaire in front of Peking University People’s Hospital in Shenzhen, the last step before she could enter the hospital after half a year. “I […]

Chicago area erupts into cheers after news breaks for Biden/Harris

By Caroline Catherman, Natalie Eilbert, Carlyn Kranking, Emily Little, Grace Rodgers, and Marisa Sloan Medill Reports Following days of uncertainty, former Vice President Joseph Biden was named the projected winner of the presidency on Nov. 7. In the hours following the announcement of Biden’s win, Chicagoans swarmed the streets in celebration. From the Loop to […]

56-million-year-old algae could shed light on future climate change

Sediment that contains the fossilized remains of coccolithophores (on the left) and a modern day coccolithophore that was grown in a lab (on the right).

By Marisa Sloan Medill Reports Faced with a challenge as mammoth as climate change, scientists are turning to some very tiny organisms for insight — coccolithophores, the single-celled algae that are smaller than a grain of sand. In order to grow, algae use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy in a process […]