New glacier records show westerly winds accelerate ice melt, massive sea level rise

Falkland Islands Black Tarn

By Poonam Narotam Medill Reports Veteran climate scientist George Denton calls Pine Island Bay the “weak underbelly” of the western Antarctic ice sheet. Increased melting at the bases of Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers into this bay makes them susceptible to collapse in coming decades, which would raise global sea levels by 11.5 feet (3.5 […]

Into the unknown: Exploring caves to uncover climate change records

By Christian Elliott and Brittany Edelmann Medill Reports Nearly 20 years ago, then Ph.D. student Gina Moseley walked into a bar in Bristol to meet fellow members of the University of Bristol Spelæological Society caving club. An older caver talked with her over drinks about some small caves in northeastern Greenland he’d always dreamed of […]

COLDEX: The search for Earth’s oldest ice and new climate solutions

By Christian Elliott Medill Reports Even summer days are cold in the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, a meteorite-strewn expanse of glacier flanked by mountains at the eastern edge of the Antarctic ice sheet near the McMurdo Station research center. Jeff Severinghaus, a paleoclimatologist at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and his colleagues at Princeton […]