Train modelers search for new track after COVID-19 derails Uptown club

By Sean Rhomberg Medill Reports As freight trains pass through a bustling small town, passengers eagerly watch and wave. The towns, buildings and people from a former era come alive again when many different locomotives make their way around Garfield Central, an elaborate model train layout in Uptown. The Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club brings together […]

Indiana’s Everglades: Why water is flowing again in the Midwest’s dried-out swamps

Wetlands in Wisconsin

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports Wetlands go hand-in-hand with the Florida Everglades. More than 2,000 square miles of mangrove forests and marshland make this UNESCO World Heritage Site a refuge for wildlife. From white ibis and endangered Miami blue butterflies to alligators and manatees, the Everglades are teeming with life. The National Park Service has […]

WATCH: Ravenswood artist sculpts memories with clay

Local artist Katie Lauffenburger is working on her ceramic home (Menghan Xiao/Medill)

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Ravenswood artist Katie Lauffenburger sculpts memories for Chicagoans with her unique, 10-inch Chicago-style homes.  Video Transcript:  MY NAME IS KATIE, AND I MAKE CERAMIC FOR THE ART BUSINESS THAT MY HUSBAND AND I SHARE CALLED WONDER CITY STUDIO.  WE FOCUS ART ON CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE, SPECIFICALLY RESIDENTIAL HOMES. PEOPLE WHO LIVE […]