Engineered log jams restore natural river flow, fish spawning in Pacific Northwest

Bill Armstrong with Log Jams.

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports The upper Quinault River in Washington is always changing. In February, you’ll be scrambling over rocks and dodging areas of soft, wet sand that was about 8 feet lower in October, the high winter flow having deposited new material on the floodplain. In December, you’d have been swimming. Still, water […]

WATCH: Misinformation is here to stay — how can you tell what’s real or fake?

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Why should we care about misinformation and how should we tackle it? An expert from Northwestern University School of Communication explains.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MISINFORMATION. WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?  Donald Trump (clip): Fake, phony, fake. FROM THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION — Donald Trump […]

Saving communities after Hurricane Ida: Local resilience fills gaps

By Mckenzie Richmond Medill Reports Sixteen years to the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall along Louisiana’s coast, coastal communities were struck Aug. 29, 2021, by Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 hurricane.  The storm devastated and displaced thousands. A lesser-known impact: Over 200 residents from Louisiana’s southernmost parish, Port Fourchon, who chose not to evacuate during […]

Medill Newsmakers: Community advocates aim to grow awareness for developmental disabilities

By Katerina Alexopoulos Medill Reports The month of March is National Developmental Disability Awareness Month. Krystal Romero, Daniel Steele, Tina Mathams and Matt Raekelboom are community advocates for autism and ADHD. They discuss their experiences, struggles, and how they bring awareness not only during March but every month of the year. Video transcript: Katerina Alexopoulos: […]