WATCH: ‘I wouldn’t have made it without StreetWise:’ How one organization provides jobs, support for those experiencing homelessness

StreetWise vendor A. Allen sells a magazine to a customer. Allen has worked for the organization for about 13 years and credits it with helping him maintain his sobriety.

By King Jemison Medill Reports  Experts estimate there are 68,000 Chicagoans experiencing homelessness right now. This crisis may be worsening.  That’s where StreetWise comes in. Hear incredible stories of how the organization has helped the unhoused for nearly 32 years — and why it continues to be so essential.  KEITH HARDIMAN, StreetWise vendor: StreetWise has […]

‘Blue Badge’ guides make London mecca of tourism

Blue Badge guide Sarah Reynolds leads a tour of Westminster Abbey on Feb. 6. (Adam Babetski/MEDILL)

By Adam Babetski Medill Reports On a typical dreary Tuesday in central London, Blue Badge tour guide Sarah Reynolds arrived for work at an atypical place: Westminster Abbey, a church steeped in history that dates back nearly a millennium. Monuments honoring kings and celebrities that would be the centerpieces of other churches were merely part […]