All work, no play is no way to run a kitchen, says Wicker Park restaurant

Chefs work at Publican Anker in Wicker Park

By Jane Bodmer

Chefs at Publican Anker, a saloon-style restaurant in Wicker Park, know how important it is to keep things fun.

While the restaurant focuses on serving high-quality dishes made with local, sustainable, organic ingredients, each of the chefs lists the friendly kitchen environment as one of their favorite parts of working at Publican Anker.

“I think this is the family I spend most of my time with,” said Cosmo Goss, executive chef for the Publican brand. “If I’m not excited and happy to be around these people, then what’s the point in coming here?”

Photo at top: chefs prepare for dinner service at Publican Anker in Wicker Park. (Jane Bodmer/MEDILL)