As the semester winds down with no state budget in sight, Chicago State students ponder their school’s future

By Jasmine Cannon

Illinois is the only state in America that has not passed a budget for its fiscal year. The political impasse between the governor and the legislature has been going on since July.

The deadlock has caused an uproar in the educational community because some public universities are running out of the money needed to operate.
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David Ellis Flynn, a Chicago native and junior at Chicago State University, refuses to let the predicament of the state’s finances deter him and his peers from getting an education.

“When this type of tragedy is happening to students, it’s heartbreaking,” Flynn said. “You can either be sad, mope, and go about your day, or be mad and do something about it.”

Photo at top: When David Ellis Flynn was younger, he had no intentions of going to college. Now, he’s fighting to save his beloved Chicago State University. (Jasmine Cannon/MEDILL)