At 76, Chinese dance instructor lives her passion and passes it on

By Dena Khalafallah and Tiffany Chen
Medill Reports

At 11 years old, Jin Qui Yue discovered her passion for dance and has followed it throughout her life.

At 76 years old, she continues to teach dance to students of all ages in Chicago.

“I’m 76 years old already, and I still haven’t stepped down from the stage. I’m still teaching,” Jin said.

Jin’s dance classes can be found inside the Bei Dou Kung Fu studio on 31st Street in Chicago.

“We might not be able to communicate through language, but through dancing, we can bring each other closer,” Jin said in her native tongue.

Photo at top: Jin Qui Yue dancing inside Bei Dou Kung Fu studio. Oct. 6, 2017. (Dena Khalafallah/MEDILL)