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Why the Cavs’ future depends on these NBA Finals…

By Allie Burger

It’s now…or maybe not for a long time for the Cleveland Cavaliers if they don’t win the 2017 NBA Finals. Here’s a breakdown of all the moving parts in their organization that could be affected if they lose.

Photo at top: The Cleveland Cavaliers are tied for the oldest team in the NBA and do not have a draft pick until 2019. (Allie Burger/MEDILL)

Chicago River enthusiasts take a group photo to focus on conservation

By Allie Burger

April is Overflow Action Month on the Chicago River. Because of how the city’s sewer system was designed, sewage can enter the river during heavy rains when the drains overflow.

To promote awareness of the issue, and to encourage water conservation, Friends of the Chicago River invited residents to “photobomb” the river.

Photo at top: The event included almost 200 participants downtown. (Friends of the Chicago River)

Westinghouse senior builds a bright future with a best friend

By Allie Burger

Coreyoun Rushin’s got a lot going on.

He is one of the top high school basketball prospects in the city. He has multiple Division I offers. And he didn’t even play his freshman year or at a local basketball powerhouse.

Here’s how Rushin stuck to his promise to a best friend, in the process pursuing his dreams and changing the basketball culture at George Westinghouse College Prep in East Garfield Park:

Photo at top: Coreyoun Rushin and Jocke Fields helped Westinghouse win the 2017 IHSA Class 3A regional championship. (Allie Burger/MEDILL)

Pop-up venture unites local businesswomen for extended success

By Allie Burger

Local businesswomen are working together under the philosophy that no one individual is stronger than the group.

The Boss Babe pop-up shop at Block 37 in the Loop has given seven female entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products brick-and-mortar style under the same roof.

Photo at top: Boss Babe has been extended from Jan. 1 through the end of May due to its continued success. (Allie Burger/MEDILL)

West Side showcase provides college opportunities for local basketball players

By Allie Burger and Jacob Rogers

Chicago basketball guru Daniel Poneman has teamed up with NBA player Evan Turner to provide local high school and junior college basketball players a free opportunity to change their lives.

The Evan Turner Prospect Showcase is a day-long event that gives 250 athletes the chance to play in front of 150 college scouts and coaches from across the country.

Poneman says that about 70 percent of participants find success at the showcase.

Photo at top: Poneman started the showcase in 2010. It has grown from one two-hour session to a day-long event. (Molly Morrison/LOYOLA)

Is UConn good for women’s college basketball?

By Allie Burger

The history of the DePaul’s women’s basketball program can be summed up in a walk down a wide hallway on the second floor of McGrath-Phillips Arena. The corridor, linking the offices of longtime coach Doug Bruno to his assistants, is a testament to the success of one of America’s premiere college programs.

No inch of the wall is spared with photos of every team in the program’s history covering the space and evoking memories of where they have been–21 NCAA tournaments since 1982, including the last 14 years consecutively.

But DePaul is also part of a club among the NCAA women’s basketball elite, a group of winning programs that duel in the shadows of the giant that is Connecticut. How much does it take away from the rest of the pack? Bruno thinks it does not, but what of women’s basketball as a marketable product?

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DePaul women prevail despite season-long adversity

By Allie Burger

For DePaul women’s basketball, Wednesday morning was more than celebration. It was affirmation that this year’s team has overcome adversity.

The program won five of the seven major regular season Big East awards—a tribute to the well-rounded success of the roster. But the group that played the minutes, that built the team’s current record, looks very different from the roster that Doug Bruno had planned to take the court back in early fall.

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Former NFL player hopes his technology will decrease concussion rates

By Allie Burger
Reporting from Houston

The Super Bowl has come and gone. Fans have left Houston and Twitter has trended toward in-season sports. But for players, the physical effects of that game along with the cumulative contact leading up to it, will continue to be felt by the Patriots and Falcons who took over NRG Stadium that day.

Shawn Springs is determined to change that.

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In Houston Super Bowl LI merchandise in high demand, short supply

By Allie Burger
Reporting from Houston

One day after Super Bowl LI, fans wanted to wear their team spirit on their sleeves…. and their shirts, as well their hats and even their pants. But that proved difficult, even impossible for some, at the NFL shop in Houston.

Super Bowl LI

Fans waited for over an hour in line outside a corner of the George R. Brown Convention Center on Monday to buy Super Bowl merchandise and New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons gear at half-price. However, many Patriots fans were disappointed.
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Loyola women’s basketball staff builds program from the ground up

By Allie Burger

The Loyola women’s basketball coaches gathered at Revival Social Club in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood on a Tuesday night in mid-January after a long week of recruiting. They clinked glasses to commence the meal, celebrating their new 2017 class—the first five women they recruited to join their rebooting program.

But the conversation then cycled through the present and back over the last six months, turning to the future.

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