South Africa’s Fourth Industrial Revolution limited by lack of computer literacy, access

Thabo photo with shirt

By Amy Sokolow Medill Reports Thabo Malatji, 29, commutes an hour from Alexandra, a township north of Johannesburg, to Tembisa, another township even farther north, every day for work. His office is inside a cluster of vibrant blue, green and orange converted shipping containers, which pop against their dusty surroundings. The neighborhood is dotted with […]

Entertainer Cyril Rabbath juggles his priorities

Cyril juggles in France

By Amy Sokolow Medill Reports With low-slung string lights, posters of 20th-century French vixens on the exposed brick walls, tiny, expensive drinks with their names printed on tarot cards, and wait times up to two hours, The Drifter is buzzing with chatter on a Friday night but falls silent as Cyril Rabbath takes the stage. […]

Virginia Rounds wants to save America’s manufacturing industry with apprenticeships


By Amy Sokolow Medill Reports Last month, 12,000 Americans who work in manufacturing lost their jobs. But Virginia Rounds, 44, has a plan to get them back to work: apprenticeships. Popular in Europe, these salaried training programs teach people on-the-job skills such as metalworking and also give them stipends for community college classes. Rounds, director […]